Big Freakin’ Laser from LaserWorld – Tarm® two released

August 18, 2016 by Mobile Beat

tarm_two_laserWith the release of the new tarm® two, the Laserworld Group set a significant landmark: With a suggested net retail price of only $ 1,899.-, this laser system catches the attraction. It is designed for the professional market, and so are the specifications:

Together with the 45kpps @ 8° scanners and the ca. 3mm/0.8mrad beam, the guaranteed 2.5W power after aperture with a balance of 680mW/638nm, 750mW/520nm and 1.400mW/450nm make the tarm® two suitable for professional to high professional applications. Even at the maximum scan angle of 60° it does 30kpps. The compact, durable aluminium housing makes the tarm® two suitable for fixed installations and mobile use alike. Night clubs, rental companies but also professional laser companies are customers for these laser systems.

The tarm® two laser can be controlled via standard ILDA interface. Several optional upgrades are available on request.

More details on the tarm® two laser at Laserworld: shop/tarm-lasers/tarm-two- show-laser-light-system

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