Bible Trivia – Hints, tips and advice

November 18, 2016 by DigiGames

Today though I am going to look at something that on the surface seems a little more specialist but on the whole is a profitable area, and one in which work is easy to come by and that is Bible Trivia. For those of you outside of the US, this may seem like a strange area and indeed it was for me when I was first getting into trivia writing. I had no idea just how big the market was the potential to make large sums of profit. So I am going to guide you through some basics and hopefully get you thinking about launching yourself into this profitable area.

Bible Trivia game for fundraiser

Bible Trivia – Hints, tips and advice – The Market

Firstly, to back up my point…go and type the words Bible Trivia into Google, YouTube or any app store and you will see the huge range of products and the huge market available for this line of work. The possibilities are endless….but what you will looking at as a host is the events. If you see bible trivia on Youtube there are dedicated contests, trivia nights and events all focused on Bible Trivia and you want to be trying to get in on this action.

Bible Trivia – Hints, tips and advice – Where to do it?

As I said above, the first thing you really need to do is find out who organizes these large Bible Trivia events that happen regularly and inquire about the setting and whether they can use your services as a trivia host. I wouldn’t go as far as saying organize your own event just yet but that’s also a future option. However, talk with your church administrator that you regularly go to and see if there is room for a public fundraising effort, or youth class you can be involved in. There are also several Bible Camps who hire in outside entertainers to keep the kids entertained and to do fundraisers.  There are vast amounts of Church and Sunday Schools who have cash set aside to hire people for such events. Bible quiz game shows are a huge business and anything related to the Church will be keen to hear from you.

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