Best Flash Layout – Advice!

March 14, 2009 by Robert Starkey

Recently I had a discussion on HTML vs. FLASH – this was my opinion…

While flash looks great, it does not always serve to the advantage of you or your clients unless planned properly. Most web designers like to create a whole screen flash with creative menues and actions based on what you do on the screen, where they drop the ball is often times they do not make an HTML counterpart for those that can not or choose not to view a flash website.

If designing a website in flash, it is recommended that you design flash headers, sidebars, or footers, and layer them around a standard HTML content main window. This gives the search engines content to index your site from, an option not made possible by a strictly flash website.

The above method also allows you to insert iFrame code, one of the preferred methods of tool integration amongst DJ Intelligence subscribers as the tools become part of your site, not an outside set of tools which you can only link out to – as flash requires you to. Another drawback to a strictly all flash website.

Remember that the trick to SEO is in structuring your website copy to contain keywords cleverly written into intelligent, thoughtout, but respectfully keyword packed. This only plays, again, with flash headers / sidebar(s) / footer and a plain HTML content center.

Hope this provides some informative insight.

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