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December 15, 2015 by Mobile Beat

(Edison, New Jersey) EDM is the fastest growing music segment in the world. EDM festivals regularly draw hundreds of thousands and EDM tracks are many of the top digital downloads. With that, RCF has partnered with superstar EDM DJ/producer Benny Benassi in the development of the new Iconica headphones. The super-aural Iconica headphone layoutfidelity headphones offers superb extension in the lower frequencies, perfect for both studio and live performance applications. The flexible leather ear cushions and cradle ensure an extremely comfortable feel, even in the case of prolonged use.

RCF has teamed with Milan-based DJ/producer Benassi, widely regarded as one of the most charming, down to earth and internationally respected artists in the music industry. His flawless trademark tech/electro/house infused sounds have turned him into a chart-topping international megastar with his performances highlighted by his charismatic performance flair. He has appeared at most of the major U.S. EDM festivals including Coachella, Ultra Music Festival and Electric Daisy Carnival ( In the studio, he’s been called on to provide remixes and collaborations with the likes of Madonna, Kelis and David Bowie. He’s won a Grammy Award for his work with Public Enemy and the Grammy Skrillex was awarded for his original remix of “Cinema” featuring Gary Go.

Drawing on seven decades of experience in engineering high-grade transducers and hi-fi quality sound, key features of these over-the-ear, supra-aural headphones include extended LF response and impressive noise cancellation. They have been designed to deliver an extremely linear frequency response, including extended bass, but without compromising on accuracy.

Iconica has been designed both for accurate DJ monitoring at the highest level of electronic dance music (EDM), as well as a lifestyle product, making it ideal for use with smartphones, media players, laptop and TV.

“When I started my DJ career in local nightclubs in the ‘80s, RCF provided me with powerful and reliable sound, and the bass added a real emotional dimension,” says Benassi. “I am reminded of that today as I listen to the incredible sounds coming through the Iconica headphones during long tours.”
Available in a choice of either Pepper Black or Angel White, with its sumptuously-cushioned ear cups it is designed to deliver the listener the ride of their lives, and maximum comfort in the saddle.

States RCF product manager, Sandro Chinellato, “RCF has built its reputation on producing cutting edge systems for theatres, stadiums and high level touring, and so our mission was to condense the full fat sound of a major concert or DJ mix into the microcosm of a headset, while maintaining distortion free, hi-fi transparency. In other words it is designed to deliver the sound of the stage right to your ear.

“We set out clear design criteria as to how we could deliver high grade/high volume DJ reference monitoring, with precise low frequencies. It included defining the correct audio response, as pressing the loudspeaker close to the ears creates a micro ambient, and noise cancellation. It also had to reach a sensitive price point.”

The headband is extendable, to guarantee a snug fit, and features a double plastic and leather material. The carefully designed cushion-fit clamp force of the ear cups eliminates air escape and creates impressive passive noise cancellation, while the 16-ohm impedance maximizes the sound from the purpose-engineered transducer and enables the music to be reproduced not only accurately, but also L-O-U-D!

Iconica is marked by other design features. The black model is trimmed with titanium coloured metal on the powerful cup swivel joint, enabling each can to pivot on and off the ear, while the white version replaces the titanium finish with silver. Both models come in a plastic carry pack with internal pouch to hold a choice of coiled cable and smart phone with volume control setting, terminated with 3.5mm mini jack while a 6.3mm jack is also provided.


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Over Ear: Supra-Aural headphones
Earpiece type: closed
Dynamic driver
Neodymium 25mm magnet
Transducer diameter: 40mm
Voice coil 20mm winding in copper coated aluminium
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
Impedance: 16Ω
Sensitivity: 102dB /1mW
Connector: 3.5mm with 6.3mm adapter (gold plated)
Rotatable main joint
40mm handmade drivers

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