Benefits of Switching to Digital Karaoke Hosting

April 8, 2009 by Eric Godfrey

Benefits of Switching to Digital Karaoke Hosting
by Bobby Brooks, VP of USKaraokeAlliance (
and owner, UR Entertainment (

After 20 years of Karaoke, Bobby Brooks has completed going digital!

After 20 years of Karaoke, Bobby Brooks has completed going digital!

I remember when I got my first CD back in the late 1980’s?  I thought that it was the greatest new invention ever!  The CD was smaller than an album and had better sound quality than an album or cassette tape.  It was much easier to cue up a song via CD than either records or tapes combined.  The CD’s did not scratch or skip like an album or wear out like a tape (or so we were told).  Well, we all know better now.  CD’s served their purpose, however in our world of cutting edge today, antiquated tomorrow way of living we needed a different vehicle to play music and eliminate the problems mentioned above.  Plus lugging around hundreds of CD’s was a pain in the assets!  So, cue the computer, please.

When the CAVS player (MP3+G Player) was first introduced to me I was ecstatic!  Here was the answer to the problems we were facing.  It was very easy to use and portable; but loading songs was an arduous task.  Once you completed loading music into the player it was great, but adding new songs was time consuming.  When (not if ) the CAVS player broke down, no one locally could fix it.  You had to send it to California.  The customer service was a joke and you were without a machine for at least 10 days.  Then if you were out of warranty it was a minimum of $500 to repair.  Ah!  Help us oh technology gods.  We needed something new… again; to play our music!

The answer came in the nick of time.  It was in the form of your PC (personal computer).  It’s simple, affordable and easy to use.  Loading new discs is now easier than ever with the software that is available to convert CD+G’s.  For you KJ’s (Karaoke Jocks), manufactures are starting to sell discs already in MP3+G format.  Great programs like the Roxbox Karaoke Player ( provide many easy ways to play your MP3+G songs.  As for DJ’s, all the functionality of table top players or turn tables are available with computer software.  It just makes sense when everywhere you look in the music industry sales points to MP3’s.  Still not convinced?  Ok, here is a list of why to convert to digital.

1.      No more carrying multiple CD players or turn tables.

2.      Safe guard your investment by archiving your CD’s or albums.

3.      No more dead air while you search for a misplaced disc.  Just type in the artist name or title of the song or even a combination of both.

4.      NO MORE SKIPS.

5.      Faster and more efficient way of running karaoke shows.

6.      It is Easy to generate song books with a multitude of programs available.

7.      Easier to organize your singer lists and keep track of each one’s favorites.

8.      Keep a data base of singers’ history so you can track top songs.

9.      Adding new discs to your library is very simple.

10.  Repairing of a computer is more cost effective than CDG players.

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