Being Customer Centric: The Apple Secret

June 5, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

In my MBLV23 seminar, “The Help Strategy,” we broke down different ways you can differentiate, create and appreciate in your business while maintaining a focus on being more customer centric in your business. Customer centric is the future of business. For too long, businesses have relied on advertising, cheap prices and gimmicks to sell. No longer. Social media has given transparency to business. Those that fully embrace customer centric business practices will thrive… and those that rely on old school tactics will struggle to stay alive.

How can your company be customer centric? Let’s look how a company—not in our niche but a wildly successful one—does it: Apple. Now Apple has certainly created its fanboys over the years, but they have done so to the tune of creating over $5,000 in sales PER SQUARE FOOT of their offices. How does your office compare? Apple does this by hiring those with a deep-seated belief in their company. Your employees must LOVE WHAT THEY DO and WHO THEY SERVE. Do you hire just anyone with a pulse or do you look for specific characteristics when hiring? And how do those you hire connect with your ideal client?

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