Being an Optimistic DJ

August 1, 2018 by Jordan Nelson

The world abounds with negativity. The news, for example, is a constant stream of information that is mostly centered around murders, fires, and scandals. Another place you’ll find a seemingly infinite supply of negativity are Facebook DJ groups. Just two days ago I posted what I considered to be an extremely happy post centered on the growth of my company and the powerful impact the Mobile Beat DJ conference has made on my life. Sure enough, within a few comments, a DJ began to attack the credibility of certain trainers and conferences, and without provocation. I can’t consider myself immune to being negative at times. When I first moved into my market, like many DJs I exclaimed multiple times “There’s just no way I can earn (insert large sum of money) here!”

Why does this happen? Why are some people so quick to find the negative in every situation, to look for opportunities to criticize and attack? It must be terribly hard to live a life where, despite the insistence and motivation of joyous people in your surroundings, one chooses to be a cynic.

Instead, I invite you to become an optimist. Choosing to find the positive in every situation will not only make you a more pleasant person, but it is bound to help your business grow. An optimistic person is simply more enjoyable to be around (think, networking meetings). We all know the DJ who always complains about the load in, the weather, or the picky client. They find solutions to challenging situations without giving up and are able to work well in groups with difficult individuals (think, wedding vendors). They discover new opportunities first when others are too skeptical to explore them (a DJ conference, for example). When something goes wrong, they focus more on the lesson learned than their error and see a chance to prevent that error in the future. The more we focus on optimism as individuals and a DJ community, the more we will progress, learn, and grow.

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