Behringer opens service centers in US

May 29, 2008 by Mobile Beat

In its continuous pursuit to deliver improvements and provide its customers with the highest possible service level, the BEHRINGER†Group announced today the launch of its shared services centers in Singapore and the USA.† The move is part of the Company’s deployment of a highly integrated operational framework which utilizes the latest in Business Process Automation technology, and consolidates critical functions to gain better efficiencies and economies of scale.One of the Company’s cornerstones has always been its design-to-cost methodology.††”But we could not stop there. We knew that the only way we could achieve the greatest possible efficiencies was through the early adoption of best industry processes and the employment of cutting edge technology, throughout the enterprise”,†said Michael Deeb the Group’s Chief Executive Officer,† “We started building our MRP and ERP systems back in 2003.† Since then there was no turning back.”

“Over a year ago we connected most of our largest customers through Electronic Data Interchange.† This year we launched the Dealer Portal which was the first phase of a fully enabled online transactional and account management system.”

“We followed the principle that, ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.’ †We harvested and mined data from every process and every single function, and fed this through highly configured Decision Support Systems.† Then we built bespoke Product Life Cycle Management applications.† Having so much control over the various processes, which make up our business, is like having second sight.”

“What we are doing today may sound pioneering in the MI industry, but it’s a matter of fact in more evolved industries, such as the financial sector.† Establishing a straight through process (STP), and highly automated operational frame work, is the only way to better manage the revenue and expense dynamics in an environment that is going through the kind of convergence and consolidation which we are seeing in our industry today.”

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“We are focusing on what we know how to do best, and engaging partners who are better equipped than us to assist with non-core aspects of the business.† Last year we moved our operation in the US to Third-Party Logistics (3PL).† Today, along with the commissioning of the SSC’s, we also start moving our European warehousing and logistics functions to a 3PL model.”

“Effectively, BEHRINGER is reinventing itself to better enable us to meet the fulfillment requirements of tomorrow’s market.† With this kind of fundamental change, there are always some very hard decisions to make.† Some functions are simply no longer viable in particular locations, and this means that some job losses are inevitable. But for every job lost in one location, in most cases there is at least one more being created somewhere else in our global enterprise. †It is hard and very painful to see some colleagues in affected locations go.† However, this is part of the necessary change and the survival criteria which will reshape our industry, and will affect all participants.”

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BEHRINGER is a leader in the field of design, manufacture and distribution of pro audio equipment and music instruments. The company has a workforce of over 3,000 employees operating from multiple locations in Europe, the USA and ASPAN.† BEHRINGER has over 2 million square feet of manufacturing and logistics assets in China and distributes its products through a network of more that 3,000 dealers and distributors. The Group is one of the most successful in the industry.† In 2007 global revenues approached 200 Million US Dollars.

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