Before music, mixing, and scratching. Service is king.

May 26, 2016 by Aaron Demarest

Before music, mixing, and scratching. Service is djs, mobile djs, dj equipment, uplighting, service is king, dj service

It may come as a surprise to you as a DJ that this article starts the way it does. But this is primarily geared towards the mobile DJ who is either neck deep in their career or just starting to learn the ropes. With so many types and styles of DJs, there is no shortage of talent out there. What there is a shortage of however is dedicated service professionals.

In New England where I have my business of 22 years, one thing has remained the same over time. The music has changed. The equipment has been upgraded countless times, and even the branding has changed. But the one constant has been service and a can-do attitude.

As much as we LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the latest and greatest battery powered, wireless, solar operated 10 million watt LED turntable/fog machine/uplight/moving head that comes out weekly, we must understand that there is a time and a place for that when it comes to service. If you’re a service oriented business, you have one goal at the end of the day. Get them to sign on the dotted line. How you get to that point is a mystery for some. But it doesn’t have to be.

All of the latest and greatest gear in the world is not going to make an impression quite like the feeling your client gets from excellent service. You’ve probably heard the expression, “You can polish a turd but a turd is still a turd.” Before you put needle to vinyl or reach for the sync button, think about the following.

1. Who is my ideal client?
2. What does my ideal client want out of an entertainment experience?
3. Can I deliver said experience with the current set of tools and skills I have?
4. Am I competitive with my rates?
5. Am I making enough to satisfy my fiscal responsibilities?

Once you’ve asked yourself those 5 questions, it’s time to think about your approach to acquiring new business. And about acquiring new business. Marketing plays a big role in that of course. But HOW you market yourself makes all the difference in the world. If you’re growing tired of the struggle of haggling over pennies at your meetings it is more than likely due to the fact that there is a lack of perceived value from the client. That said, when you market your business, remember what your mother told you. Honesty is the best policy. Be clear as to what you offer. And once you sit down with a prospect, LISTEN to what they have to say about what their ideal event looks, sounds, and feels like and make a determination on whether you would be a good match for each other.

After all, the mobile DJs of the world have a disadvantage over their wedding vendor counterparts. You can go to a venue and see the beautiful architecture, sample the food, and enjoy the decor. A photographer will show you a dazzling portfolio of their work so you can see what you have in store on the big day. You can taste cakes, try on dresses & tuxedos. But for the DJ, you have one thing to offer. Peace of mind. We all know that a DJ can make or break a wedding or celebration. That is why it is so very important to establish that value and follow through on your promises. Your business depends on it.

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