Be The Difference Maker By Mike Wieder

February 4, 2018 by Michael Cordeiro

The most successful DJ’s are the ones that prepare, practice and plan for each event. Sometimes, though, things don’t always go as planned or unforeseen circumstances throw you a curve ball. Mistakes are made and lessons are learned, often the hard way.

The fact is you can’t prepare for things you didn’t know could happen. What if a veteran DJ, with years of wedding experience wrote a book that could help you rock harder, party better and save you from some rookie mistakes and lots of embarrassment? Would you run out and buy it? You should.

Enter Mike Wieder, a big guy with an even bigger sense of humor and his new book Be The Difference Maker. Mike is the owner of Ultimate Sounds Entertainment in New Jersey and has over 35 years of experience in the DJ industry. He wrote Be The Difference Maker as a way to give back to the DJ community he loves so much and help wedding pros avoid costly and common mistakes.

Be The Difference Maker is a blueprint for creating a successful wedding time and time again. Mike breaks down weddings and gets right to the point in each chapter. He uses tons of anecdotes, practical advice and “Mike’s Memories” to teach you how to handle every situation. You’ll learn Mike’s method of P.R.E.P. to rock all your events. This book isn’t just for the newer guys. Veterans will find some great tidbits and advice as well. (I did!!)

One of the things I like most about Be The Difference Maker is it’s honesty. Throughout the book Mike uses personal examples of mistakes he has made at his own weddings to save you that pain. He gives us a candid and self-deprecating look into real weddings that we can all sympathize with. That takes courage. My favorite quote from Be The Difference Maker is “A DJ’s setup does not necessarily make them a good entertainer. It just makes them a good shopper”. That speaks volumes; especially if you look at the overabundance of “check out my set up” threads on forums.



Speaking of which, all too often DJ forums are loaded with hubris. It’s amazing how many DJ’s have perfect events and never make mistakes. Be The Difference Maker challenges us to have an honest dialogue in the DJ community about where we fail and how to really improve. This is how we truly grow as an industry.

Prime wedding season in the northern part of the USA doesn’t really begin until late April. Be The Difference Maker is the perfect book to get you in wedding mode and ready to rock – right now!

There are some very important questions you’ll get answers to in Be The Difference Maker.
What happens when Bruce Willis is filming a movie and you’ve got a wedding.
Why you should never wear red underwear.
How a Confirmation party and baked ziti cost Mike over $200.
What happens when Mike sings in the shower.
Seriously though, Be The Difference Maker is a great tool that you can use annually and often to prepare for wedding season. Add it to your library today.

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If you see Mike at MBLV22 feel free to ask him about the book, weddings or speaking to your local group.

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