BASSBOSS DV12 Loudspeaker provides Throw To Go!

September 22, 2017 by Mobile Beat

Austin, TX, September 22, 2017 — Powered loudspeaker manufacturer BASSBOSS has announced its new DV12 Powered MicroMain, a compact and powerful full-range speaker with impressive dispersion and projection that make it a portable powerhouse for DJs, production companies, bands, and anyone who needs great sound that travels.

Recently debuted at DJ Expo 2017 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the DV12 offers 3,000 Watts of built-in power amplification over two channels, delivering 123 dB of bass output in full range mode and capable of over 130 dB when used in satellite mode. Small enough to lift and transport with ease, the DV12 brings crystal clear output, rich bottom end, and enough power to get a crowd moving anywhere.

“The DV12 takes the portability and fidelity of our popular DV8 loudspeaker to the next level in output and low-end extension,” says BASSBOSS president David Lee. BASSBOSS achieves this feat by combining a powerful and efficient Class D amplifier with a premium 4” voice coil, 12” woofer and 1.4” throat compression driver in a unique vented cabinet design that allows the DV12 to counteract standing wave reflections.

“The superior sound quality of the DV12 makes it a must-have for high-end professionals. The output and clarity of the DV12, with its modest size, allows it to easily replace much larger sound systems, which saves time, money and back pain,” Lee says. At 61 lbs in total, it allows users to easily manage load-in and load-out whether working alone or with a team.

The speaker is built with a down-angle orientation that provides optimal audience coverage thanks to a line-array waveguide that restricts high-frequency vertical coverage to a nominal 20 degrees and spreads horizontal coverage to a wide 120 degrees. The tight vertical pattern and down-angle orientation provide very even distribution of level from front to back while the wide coverage ensures clarity from the far left to the far right. The result is sound spread evenly across the entire audience area, to ensure that every audience member enjoys a premium listening experience.

Modular Authority
“When we began to design the DV12, we sought to create a compact loudspeaker that was capable of delivering articulate and wide-reaching sound with sufficient low end to function as a full-range speaker for many smaller DJ, band, and production applications, while also pairing well with a subwoofer for more demanding applications,” Lee says. “The result is a scalable solution for jobs of varying sizes that ensures head-turning performance in any configuration.”

In addition to seamlessly switching from Full Range to one of 3 Satellite Modes to pair with one or more BASBOSS subwoofers, the DV12 has an “Invertible Array” feature. The cabinets are designed to be vertically arrayable in pairs, with line-array style seamless vertical HF summing that allows for extended projection, free of the comb-filtering that’s present with side-by-side arraying.

With power amplification and processing built in, the DV12 can be plugged directly into a mixer for fast, hassle-free set up and take-down. The included digital signal processing ensures consistent sound at any input level with no additional tuning required. The DV12 is truly plug-and-play and lets performers focus their energy on a great set without technical fuss, and production companies to bring intense sound with no hassle.

Tough Like a BOSS
Rugged Baltic Birch plywood construction and ergonomically integrated handles add to the portability and lifespan of the DV12. A black polyurethane coating and steel grill round out its edgy, modern appearance, while waterproofed woofer cones ensure that the DV12 is ready for whatever the environment—or careless guests—may throw at it. Optional weatherization offers even further protection from the elements while preserving the same marquee sound performance.

To learn more about BASSBOSS and the DV12, visit

BASSBOSS creates premium, ultra high-fidelity sound systems for the professional consumer, live sound and systems integration markets. The company was founded on the design and engineering expertise of David Lee, a pioneer in subwoofer design whose work has transformed the audio systems for hundreds of venues across North America. BASSBOSS systems are easily integrated, compact and power-efficient. Each cabinet is highly optimized with dedicated, comprehensive amplification and processing. For more information on BASSBOSS, please visit

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