Basics for Smooth Bar Trivia Events

December 25, 2012 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

The following ideas may seem obvious, but are necessary to keep to in mind for a smoothly running bar or pub-based trivia games.

Limited number of teams per table. Most bars will limit the number of teams that can sit at a single table, usually to one team per table. Bars may even restrict teams from allowing patrons who are not playing to sit with them. This is to prevent the team from getting help from outside of the team.

No calling out answers. The reason may seem obvious, but it ‘s not just because of “cheating.” Whether the answer is correct or incorrect does not matter. Whatever is shouted can influence how teams answer the questions.

No sharing answers. Sharing answers with other teams is usually prohibited. Players who want to participate together should be on the same team. This keeps it fair, so teams are not getting ahead or behind by using answers from other teams. It also makes sure that teams are not sabotaging each other.

No outside sources. In this digital age, participants in pub trivia do not need to lug a library into a bar to cheat. All they have to do is go online using their mobile phones. Because it is easy to get any question answered in seconds, the use of mobile devices to either call a friend to get the answer or go online and get the answer is almost always against pub trivia rules. Without this rule, participants with no internet access would be at a severe disadvantage. Furthermore, there would be fewer wrong answers.

Following the rules is important for teams that want to win or at least play legitimately. Teams should make sure that every member is aware of the pub rules and is willing to follow them.

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