Basic Uplighting FAQ – Is It Worth It?

October 30, 2017 by Brian S. Redd

So I get a lot of questions on uplighting. Some of these questions are pretty basic, so I thought I’d start a new video series called Basic Uplighting. There’s going to be three or four videos in this series, so check them out if you want to. This is the first video. Before I even get into the first question, please understand that these are my ideas and opinions. They’re not gospel, so you can take this or leave it. It’s really up to you.

So the first question is this. Is it worth it? I’m thinking about getting into it, but is it really worth it to make the investment? The short answer is yes. Let’s break that down into three different parts. First part, customer perception. If you get a call from a wedding client and they ask you all kinds of questions about your services and you answer them right and the client likes you and the last question is, do you offer uplighting and you say no, they eliminate you from the group that they’re selecting from, because a lot of DJs offer this. This is not a strange thing. This isn’t like Photobooth or Gobos or video slide shows.

Uplighting is something that most DJs are doing these days. Most reputable DJs have some kind of par fixtures to do architectural lighting. If you can say yes to this question, you’re definitely ahead of the game.

Two. It doesn’t take that much time to do this. This is not something you need to hire somebody to come in and put around a room. You can usually do it yourself. It’s not real time consuming. If you’re doing basic uplighting, and let’s say you do up to 10 fixtures just in certain areas of the room that are going to, I guess, enhance the experience of the evening, you can usually do this yourself so it’s not a real time consuming thing.

And the third part, the investment. You can look at this a couple of different ways and I’m going to throw a hypothetical at you. Let’s say that you start off with 10 par fixtures and each one of these par fixtures costs you an average of $100. So you’ve got $1000 invested in LED pars for architectural lighting or uplighting. If you only charged $100 per event that you did uplighting on, it would only take you 10 gigs to pay for all of your LED pars. After that, you can still charge that same $100, which isn’t much, by the way, and that’s $100 in your pocket because you’ve paid for your fixtures.

I know people who have had the same LED pars for eight or nine years and they’ve done nothing but make money on them. In fact, they’re making more money on their uplighting percentage wise than they are with their DJ services. Now, we’re talking percentage wise. We’re not talking actual money, but yeah, you can make a lot of money on these things if you do it right. Now, you could build that $100 into your pricing that you already have and tell your client that uplighting is included or you can offer it as a separate package. Either way, this is not something that’s going to date on you. This is not something that you’re going to have to throw away and replace in a year. Yeah, they’re always getting better, but old stuff works too. If you’re doing simple RGB colors, red, green and blue or a mix of those colors, yeah, these can last you for years and years and years and they’re going to do nothing but just make money for you.

So is uplighting worth it? Yeah. I think it is. Stay tuned for more videos on the subject. Thanks for watching. Practice and enjoy.


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