Bad Reviews Are Bound to Happen

January 13, 2017 by Joe Bunn

Let’s face it, at some point, you or one of your DJs are going to get a bad review. Yes, I know, we are all awesome and rock shows, but eventually you run into that one impossible to please client. You know the one…the one that you try to get out of the contract with because they are horrible. Or you have that show that just never really takes off, maybe it’s on a Sunday afternoon, with no alcohol, and lame guests and you get blamed for lack of dance floor response. In any case, bad reviews are part of the service business. Let’s discuss how to deal with them.

Here at Bunn DJ Company, 90% or more of our reviews go to WeddingWire. I’m very proud that we are right around the 800 mark and pretty much all of them are awesome. I actually love reading them, it makes me so proud of my DJs and the company in whole. To be fair, we send folks to WeddingWire after the event to leave the review, so that’s why most of our reviews show up there. If you get a negative review, the first thing you do is figure out if it’s real! Yes, there are haters out there posting fake reviews about their competitors. If you think it’s not legit, hit the dispute button and WW will immediately take it down and investigate. If the person that left the negative review can’t produce a contract that they actually hired you, then they pull it down for good.

Let’s say it is real, take a few minutes and respond. Do yourself a favor, write a really nasty response in the notes app on your phone and keep that one to yourself, then write the real one under the negative review, BUT, before clicking “post”, let someone else calmer than you read it. Trust me, that’s always the smart move. Once they decide that you were professional in your retort, post it. Not only should your response be professional, but tell your side of the story… be honest. Maybe they said you were late. If you were, admit it, but that you had music playing by your contracted start time. Maybe they said nobody danced, explain that you were sticking to their strict playlist and told not to deviate. Reviews are sometimes an online bully’s favorite tool. Don’t let them push you around like that! Stand up for yourself and your business. If you really screwed up, then admit that too! S*** happens sometimes.

One more thing that you can do when you get a bad review is to bury it. If we got a bad review today, I would email every DJ I have and ask them to send me their top 5 clients from last year and I would email them all right away and ask for them to leave a review for us (of course send the direct link to make it easy on them). I might even tell them what happened and why it’s so important that they do it. Your super fans will be more than happy to bury the negativity!

I hope you NEVER get a bad review, but if you do, refer back to this blog post. I hope it helps you one day! Good luck!

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