Backups For Your Backups

June 13, 2018 by Jordan Nelson

One of the key skills of a quality mobile DJ is their ability to handle unexpected situations quickly and efficiently. It follows that there is a general consensus that having backups of the gear we use at our events is essential for a DJ to truly be prepared. But what happens when our backups fail?

I found out the answer that question just last night. After arriving at a venue I’ve performed at many times and beginning my sound check, I noticed one side of my dual wireless microphone receiver was acting up. Pressed for time, I opted to just use the second unit instead of troubleshooting the first and began to sound check with that mic. Within a few minutes, it also started having troubles, and my blood pressure rose ever so slightly. Luckily, even losing two wireless mics wasn’t going to spoil this wedding ceremony, because my next backup was a wired handheld microphone, and it worked like a charm.

Having a backup microphone, source of music, or any other piece of gear is great, but if the worst happens and your backup fails, will your show go on? One of the ways to make sure that it does is to have backups that are simple and stripped-down. A wireless microphone is complex and a variety of things can fail within it, but it’s pretty hard to break a good wired microphone. Similarly, if your controller won’t connect to your laptop or it’s power supply dies, a small AA-powered MP3 player loaded with hour-long background music and party mixes can save you in a pinch. In the event that failed, keeping key songs downloaded and available on your cell phone is always a safe third level of backup.

We never want the worst to happen, but being overly prepared takes away a lot of the stress if it does. In what ways do you double and triple check that you’ll be good to go in the worst case scenario?

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