Avoid Missing An Opportunity To Close A Sale

December 6, 2016 by Brian Lawrence

You don’t have to create the need for your DJ & entertainment services in the wedding industry because couples buy within a finite period of time. Lucky for you, DJ’s and entertainers don’t face the same challenges of many other industries: indefinite and prolonged procrastination.


For many DJs, the sales process could drag on for hours, but it gives you a chance to connect with the wedding couple. Many couples won’t show their true feelings if they feel that you’re not the right person for the job. Other times you might be the right person, but the sales process can determine if that opportunity materializes into business.

If you aren’t asking the couple if they want to book your services and finalize the sale, you’re making a big mistake. You don’t always have to ask that impending question and in a perfect world, a wedding couple would always ask you, “What type of deposit do you require?” But you just can’t rely on that to happen frequently.

Always remember: wedding planning  is an emotional process. The best opportunity to close a sale is when an emotional connection is made  because the couple loves what they see and like you. Many wedding professionals can sense this. Sometimes they feel so confident in the emotional connection that they believe the couple will do business with them even if they don’t leave a deposit during the first meeting.

But this fatal mistake can often kill a sale. Potential customers go home, sleep, work the next day, and get back to their lives. And as time passes, your relationship quickly fades. If she does return to do business with you, it’s no longer based on that impulsive excitement that you should’ve capitalized on in your first meeting. If you don’t jump on that opportunity, you’ve given your competitors a chance to win them over instead.

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