Matthew Campbell

Matthew Campbell

Matthew Campbell is the founder of My Wedding Songs. He DJ'd weddings, parties, and High School dances in Montana during the 90s - and also attended a few Mobile Beat Conferences. Matt continued his love of music through the creation of My Wedding Songs. He and his wife, Sharon, live in the wedding capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada. My Wedding Songs is a charter member of the Las Vegas Wedding Chamber of Commerce. Matthew is also an SEO Specialist and PPC Manager at Horizon Web Marketing since 2014.


DJ PPC Tip: Types Of Keywords To Target In Google Ads

August 1, 2019 by Matthew Campbell
Before discussing keywords, let’s start with the basics. You will first want to create a Google Ads account. To create or login to your Google Ads account, go to the URL – You will need to add a credit card number to create your account. I do not recommend a Google Ads Express account as you do not have access to all features. What does PPC stand for? PPC is short for Pay-Per-Click. This means that for each click on your ad, you will have to pay X amount of money. Whether the cost per click is $0.52 per click or $4.56 per click. However, the amount you pay per click is not only derived by the amount that you and your competitors are bidding. The amount you actually pay per click is based upon your Ad Rank. ... [read more]
PPC ads example

DJ SEO Tip: Do Paid Ads Help SEO?

July 1, 2019 by Matthew Campbell
Ahhh.  I have your attention!  After more than a year of SEO tips, my articles will be moving toward PPC tips.  However, as I test new SEO strategies, I will definitely update you on what works for better search results in Google.  Getting back to the original question, does PPC help SEO?  The answer is - YES!       [caption id="attachment_125069" align="aligncenter" width="777"]PPC ads example PPC ads example[/caption] Side note: you may notice that the paid ad at the top of the screenshot above is Thumbtack.  FYI, Thumbtack is owned by Google.

How can PPC help your brand in search results?

First and foremost, you need ... [read more]
6 Wordpress Blog Optimization Hacks

DJ SEO Tip: 6 WordPress Blog Optimization Hacks

June 1, 2019 by Matthew Campbell
Wordpress is the most popular website CMS with an estimated 75 million websites using it.  Blogging is a common process to increase your authority and keep content current.  Content updated regularly brings Google coming back to your website and visitors knowing you are still in business.  Learn 6 Wordpress optimization hacks to try and achieve higher search rankings. 6 Wordpress Blog Optimization Hacks [1] Write a thorough description for each blog category.  You can actually get your blog category pages showing in Google search results.  Make each category unique and what your customers would searc... [read more]
google my business profile

DJ SEO Tip: Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

May 1, 2019 by Matthew Campbell

Optimize Your Google My Business Profile To Get More Local Leads

In a previous article, I discussed how to get more links from Google.  Google My Business is mentioned to optimize to get more leads.  Optimizing your Google My Business profile may be the single most important action in getting local search leads.  Thus, we will take the process into a more in-depth analysis.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business platform offers a ... [read more]
Your Personal Brand Matters

DJ SEO Tip: Your Personal Brand Matters

April 1, 2019 by Matthew Campbell

Growing Your Personal Brand Is Needed For Higher Rankings

Growing your DJ business brand is a no brainer for many owners.  Marketing your DJ business through pay-per-click advertising, podcasts, social media, wedding industry websites, radio commercials, wedding shows and more are common ways to generate leads and ultimately new business.  But what about your personal brand? Does Google really care about you as a person and others that represent your company? YES! Your Personal Brand Matters

Be An Expert

When Google crawls your website and all other websites on the Internet, it is judging the authority and tru... [read more]
404 Google Search Console

DJ SEO Tip: Learn To Make Broken Links A Positive

March 1, 2019 by Matthew Campbell
What is a broken link?  A broken link is a link on your website to a page within your website or to a page on another website that does not exist.  It is important to find bad links because Google will have less trust in your website.  If Google has less trust, then this will result in lower search rankings.

How do you find broken links?

The first task is to find what broken links exist on your website - both internal and external.  If your website is built with the Wordpress framework, a popular plugin is Broken Link Checker.  However, for larger websites, the plugin can be taxing on the server. Another link checker is my favorite option: read more]

DJ SEO Tip: Like Trust Emotion – What Your Website Needs For Leads

February 1, 2019 by Matthew Campbell
When speaking to DJs around the country, the one topic that always comes up is how to grow your businesses through marketing.  We are always looking for quick and easy ways to get more sales.  If you are looking for a quick and easy plan to grow your business, I would suggest starting with your website.  No, you do not need to redesign your website! Let me say again, don’t spend the time and money redesigning your website.  Instead, spend time optimizing your website to generate more leads.  When analyzing your website, there are three factors to start with:
  • Number 1 - people buy from who they like.
  • read more]
hosted versus self-hosted websites

DJ SEO Tip: Website Hosting Can Make Or Break Your Success

January 1, 2019 by Matthew Campbell
When owning a DJ company, an online presence is necessary to show legitimacy for your business.  First, you must decide on a domain and purchase it from a registrar.  Popular registrars include NameCheap and GoDaddy.  Next, you must decide what platform will "host" your website.  The website hosting company you choose can result in your online success or failure. hosted versus self-hosted websites You must decide between a self-hosted website and a hosted website.  There are pluses and minuses to both. A hosted webs... [read more]
copyscape home page

DJ SEO Tip: Duplicate Content On Your Website Hurting Rankings?

December 1, 2018 by Matthew Campbell

Duplicate content issues from the words used on your web pages

What is duplicate content?   Duplicate content occurs when verbiage on one of your web pages matches verbiage on another page (on your website or another website).  An example of duplicate content that could occur is when you have a song lyric on your website that matches hundreds of other websites with the same song lyric.   Duplicate content is an issue for your website because Google favors original content.  In addition, Google could penalize your website from the duplicate content - whether intentional or unintentional.  Penalization could occur with lower search rankings or removal from search results... [read more]
apple html sitemap

DJ SEO Tip: The HTML and XML Sitemaps are Your Website’s Roadmap

November 1, 2018 by Matthew Campbell
Remember the days you would go on a road trip and the only thing you had for navigation was the local roadmap picked up from a gas station?  Then, we moved up in the world to GPS devices to guide our way. Now, we have satellite atlas type guidance direct from your smartphone. Well, people and website crawlers need a roadmap too in order to find all of the pages of your website.  Two website roadmaps are an HTML sitemap and XML Sitemap.  Both are needed for search engine optimization. What is an HTML Sitemap?  This is a page with links to every page on your website that you want people to visit.  This could include pages, blog posts, events, your portfolio examples, product pages, and staff pages.  All of the links on the HTML... [read more]