Michael Buonaccorso Jr.

Michael Buonaccorso Jr.


Making Style and Sound Affordable By Michael Buonaccorso Jr.

December 6, 2012 by Michael Buonaccorso Jr.

The latest trend in DJ fashion? Headphones. Over the past couple of years, all of the major players in our industry have been introducing headphones to the market that not just sound good, but are fashionable as well.

Good examples would be the offerings from Beats by Dr. Dre or Pioneer’s recent HDJ designs, both high quality, fashionable offerings.

But until now, that fashion has come at a price. In response, the engineers at Wicked Audio have introduced their Solus headphones, taking a different approach. They offer a decent, quality pair of headphones, while still exhibiting stylish characteristics.

When first opening the box, the first thing that... [read more]