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How Your So-Called “Competitors” Can Be Your Best Friends

December 1, 2013 by Heidi Thompson
A lot of wedding professionals, and business owners in general are very uncomfortable when it comes to dealing with their competitors. This discomfort can often make us cagey and closed off which may not seem like such a bad thing, but it can cloud our judgement and cause us to write off a potential partner as a competitor. I'll use myself as an example to put this into context. If you follow me on social media or read any of my emails you'll see that I promote other businesses. At face value, some of these businesses like Book More Brides or Cake Coaching appear to be my competitors. Why on Earth would I promote my competitors? Here's the thing: they aren't my compe... [read more]

What To Say On Social Media When You Don’t Know What To Say

November 27, 2013 by Heidi Thompson
We totally overthink what to say when it comes to social media. There's something about typing something out, re-reading it and then second guessing it that stops everyone in their tracks. Here's what I want you to keep in mind the next time you do this: It doesn't matter if you sound goofy. People like to know who they do business with and being yourself (assuming yourself isn't a total butthead) is key to building a small business. Even large companies like YO! Sushi and Red Bull have refused to take on the typical corporate stance and use their social media profiles to flaunt their brand personality. In businesses like ours, you are your brand so simply being yourself is all it ... [read more]

How To Find Images For Your Blog Posts

November 14, 2013 by Heidi Thompson
Finding images for blog posts can be a major pain in the booty, especially when you’re unsure about what you can and cannot use while still being respectful and adhering to copyright laws. Using images in your blog posts and social media posts is super important. Images help readers who skim (which we all do online) find something to focus on and can help your posts stand out on your social media profiles. Here are 6 reasons to include images in your content from Jeff Bullas:
  1. Articles with images get 94% more total views
  2. Including a photo and a video in a press release increases views by over 45%
  3. 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business when an image shows up in local search results
  4. <... [read more]

How To Use the New Facebook Insights In Your DJ Business

November 8, 2013 by Heidi Thompson
Facebook is rolling out their new version of insights for business pages that give really interesting information like when your fans are online, which of your posts are most popular and what types of posts perform best. In this video I take you though the new Facebook Insights and explain how to use it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fP_yB-9z_sc Do you have any questions about using the new Facebook Insights or did you implement what you learned and got a great results? Share it in the comments! Heidi Thompson of Evolve Your Wedding Business helps wedding professionals market themselves on a budget and create a consistent flow of leads because in business, it doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do if no one knows about i... [read more]

Making The Most Of Pinterest

November 4, 2013 by Heidi Thompson
Pinterest is huge for the wedding industry and can drive a ton of traffic to your website. My friends over at Book More Brides put together an excellent infographic about Pinterest.
Courtesy of: Book More Brides
As you can see, Pinterest can really impact your business so here are 6 tips for making the most of it:

Make it about your customer

All of your marketing needs to be focused on what your customer is interested in. ... [read more]

Behind The Scenes: My Twitter Strategy

October 24, 2013 by Heidi Thompson

I'm going to give you a behind the scenes look at my Twitter strategy and explain exactly why I've set it up this way and how that can help you.

Twitter Lists

What I Share

I use an amazing tool called Buffer to tweet 3 times per day and I always use at least one of those tweets to share something from someone else. I do this primarily because I know that it isn't all about me and my followers don't just want to hear what I have to say all of the time. Sharing useful content from other experts make... [read more]

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How to Schedule an Entire Week’s Worth of Social Media Posts in Just 30 Minutes

October 21, 2013 by Heidi Thompson
Marketing doesn't have to be overwhelming and time consuming. Posting to social media sites can sometimes be a pain in the ass if you aren't sure what to post or when you get sucked into browsing around when you meant to just post and be done with it. Good news: you can schedule your Facebook and Twitter activity for the entire week in just 30 minutes. [Important note: In the past Facebook penalised posts sent from 3rd party applications. They said they fixed the issue but I was skeptical so I tested it myself over the last few weeks.  I found that I actually got better reach posting from Buffer which is probably due to consistency.]

Prep Work

One of the traps that many people fall into is thinking you have to always be posting new original content that you created. That limits... [read more]
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6 Big Hairy Website Mistakes That Most Wedding Professionals Make

October 15, 2013 by Heidi Thompson
website image   Your website is often the first thing a potential client sees when they are researching you. First impressions are huge and if you are making any of these 6 website mistakes, you could be missing out on a lot of money in lost bookings. 1. You’ve got a bad case of “Me, Me” Syndrome Does your website read like this? “I studied for years, and I won this award and I shoot weddings in this particular style”? If your website contains lots of personal pronouns like us, me, we, I and our then your business ha... [read more]
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You’re Not Too Busy, You’re Just Not Organizing Your Tasks Properly

October 11, 2013 by Heidi Thompson
There is a big difference between actually being busy and being needlessly busy. I actually did an experiment when I was employed to see if I could go an entire day looking really busy but doing absolutely nothing because weird things like that interest me. In case you're wondering, I was successful. It's very easy to be busy doing nothing. "I'm busy" is quite possibly the most overused phrase among small business owners and it's not because they're actually busy doing things that matter, it's for a lot of other reasons that might surprise youVal at Aspire & Grow wrote a great post about how bus... [read more]

How To Market Even When You’re Busy Or On Vacation

October 8, 2013 by Heidi Thompson
When you run a business, things don't stop just because you're taking time off. The good news is it is incredibly easy to keep your marketing consistent even when you have no access to the internet. This is also very useful during peak wedding season. Letting your marketing drop off will affect your bottom line and make it seem like you aren't serious about your business. The truth is, your customers don't care that you're on holiday, they expect to hear from you. Here's how to do it: Stop marketing in real time. If you wait until the night before blog post has to be done or until the day a tweet needs to go out, you will always feel behind. Now you can't automate interaction, but you can definitely automate a lot of things to make your life easier. There are two parts to this: do the p... [read more]