Ask Alfred – Remote Possibilities: Putting RC Effects To Work For You

November 24, 2010 by Mobile Beat

Alfred Gonzales is usually hands-on in everything he does, but with lighting, Alfred believes that being remote has its advantages, especially when you use good wireless RC products. The American DJ National Sales Manager talked to us about the trend toward remote products.

It seems like there are a lot more remote control products available on the market today, is that true?

“I certainly think so. Just look at our UC3 control system, which controls over 50 different lighting products. That’s a lot of lights– so yes, I think the era of wireless control lighting in the mobile DJ market is definitely upon us.”

Why are we seeing more remote control products today?

“There are two ways to answer that question. The first is that the demand for remote control is way up, because DJs are accustomed to using it in their lives, and they appreciate its value. Having remote control at your fingertips gives you more flexibility and more options when you’re at a gig performing. The fact that you can run a different chase sequence or adjust a fogger remotely without stopping what you’re doing and going over to the actual unit, just makes your whole performance much more fluid and natural. Having the power to control things remotely makes it easier for you to concentrate on what you want to do (and what you do best), engage and entertain people rather than adjust knobs and buttons.”

What’s the second reason?

“The second reason is really threefold: there are more remote control products than ever, remote control products are more affordable than ever, and remote control products are easier to use than ever.”

With the UC3 capable of controlling over 50 different lights, it’s pretty obvious that there are more RC products than ever, but can you give us an example about these products being more affordable than ever?

“In keeping with our core mission as a company, American DJ has a lot of excellent remote control products that are very affordable. One that comes to mind immediately is the new American DJ Mega Bar 50 RGB RC, which is a remote control version of our popular Mega Bar. It’s a 22-inch (1/2-meter) RGB LED lighting bar designed for stage or wall washing – and since it’s RGB it produces very rich vivid colors. The infrared wireless remote feature gives you the control that would otherwise require a DMX controller or hand adjustments on the rear panel. You can use wireless remote to control features such as black out, built-in programs, flash, DMX addressing and RGB color change. There is no duty cycle on the Mega Bar 50RGB RC, plus users can “daisy-chain” the power from one unit to the next with the built-in IEC power Ins/Outs. You get all this for $149.99 MAP, which is very affordable.”

What about RC being easier to use- do you have any examples of that?

“There are many examples, one I just happened to come across earlier is our Fog Storm 700; you just plug in the receiver to gain instant wireless remote up to 150 feet away, and the remote control unit is about the size of a car alarm. You can’t get much simpler than that.

“Another example is our WiTech 8 Wireless controller. This is an 8-channel lighting controller with a handheld remote that allows you to control eight lighting fixtures wirelessly, just by touching a button. The WiTech 8 easily controls On/Off, All On, Stand By (Blackout), Function and Mode for each channel. Although it can turn both non-DMX and DMX fixtures On and Off. Everything about the WiTech 8 Wireless was designed for user convenience. Thanks to the inclusion of a hanging bracket, it can be mounted on truss, lighting stands, walls or ceilings. That frees up valuable space for all of the other items DJs and bands need – and it can control lights from the distance of a football field away! The WiTech 8 also interfaces with our UC3 Controller which was itself designed to be simple and user-friendly.”

Can you tell us more about the UC3?

“Sure –the UC3 Wireless makes it simple to control multiple ADJ fixtures that are UC3 compatible, yet still enjoy the easy-of-use the single channel UC3 controller offers. This wireless pack has 4 outputs with the capability to control 4 master fixtures and an infinite number of slave fixtures. It’s also very compact, and it can be mounted on truss, lighting stands, walls or ceilings – so as I said earlier it can control a wide range of fixtures, so there’s no excuse for any DJ not to be in total control!”

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