Ask Alfred – Ready To Rock In 2010

January 26, 2010 by Mobile Beat

Ask Alfred
Ready To Rock In 2010

What will the future bring? No one knows for sure, but Alfred Gonzales, the world-wise National Sales Manager of American DJ has a pretty good idea of what awaits us in 2010. In a word, it can be summed up as “a lot of very good things!”

Ok, that’s six words, not one, but who’s counting? Certainly not Alfred; he’s been too busy catching up with business from the recently completed NAMM Show in Anaheim, which was one of the busiest in memory. The slamming NAMM show is one reason why Alfred is smiling from ear to ear about the coming year; another is the star studded galaxy of new products that is leading the way for ADJ.

So, you’re going into 2010 with a lot of good feelings – how come? “Well of course, I’m a natural optimist, but there are also a lot of really good concrete reasons to have high expectations for the coming year. Not just for American DJ, but for all of the mobile entertainers who use our products as well. This was very evident to me during the NAMM Show.”

What was it about the NAMM Show that made you feel this way? “NAMM was a great way to start the year. We had plenty of quality dealers attend and the best part about it was that they came with a whole new attitude compared to last year. Our dealers are very optimistic about business in 2010, because the mobile entertainers who support their stores are very optimistic.

“DJs who survived 2009 learned that despite any gloomy news, there is always plenty of business out there. People are still getting married and still having parties and special events. The DJs who reach this market are the ones who remain upbeat and continually enhance their performances with new music, as well as new and improved gear like lighting. With the lighting products that are available today it’s easier than ever for DJs to enhance their acts while still staying within their budget.”

Any examples of these lighting products?
“Sure, I have plenty of examples to share with you. One is the Tripleflex, which can work beautifully as a small centerpiece or as a 3-beam like scanner. It’s great to use in pairs. Another is the Color Burst 8DMX, which is a lower priced costly version of the Mega Pixel effect. Then there’s the Comscan LED System a compact scanner system that saves space and money, and the Profile Panel RGB, which gives you the most coverage for your investment in wash fixtures.”

Can you elaborate on some of the products? For example, what is the Color Burst 8DMX?
“It’s an incredibly user-friendly LED color wash with 8 color banks, featuring 280 total LEDs (70 red, 70 blue, 70 green and 70 amber) and control chase programs. It’s a great fixture for DJs and small clubs looking for an affordable burst of color excitement.”

How about the Profile Panel RGB?
“This is a compact, lightweight (7 pounds) very bright indoor LED color panel with 288 5mm LEDs – 96 each in red, green and blue. It’s loaded with features and has some fantastic built-in programs and very smooth – fast or slow-RGB color mixing. It’s great on stage, and since its LED, it stays cool, so even though your performance is hot, you won’t be, on stage.”
We heard a lot of talk at the NAMM Show about the Revo Rave – what is it?
“Some people are saying it’s our most exciting Revo ever. It certainly grabs attention on the dance floor with its very wide, bright and rich red, green, blue and white color beams, which can be angled up to 29 degrees. It also has color strobing – fast to slow and electronic dimming.”

Any other products that you feel will have a big impact in 2010?
“Oh, without a doubt, the Jelly Fish; this has got to be one of the most unique and exciting effects to come on the scene in a very long time. By the time this year is over, DJ’s everywhere will be saying ‘I gotta have that piece!”
What makes the Jellyfish so special?
“There really is nothing else like it on the market. It has a clear plastic case, so right away – it looks unique. On a performance level, it combines two effects in one: a bright RGBW color beam effect and a color-changing glow case. It has built-in high-energy lighting programs and 116 degree beam angle so it really rocks. I’m expecting great things from the Jellyfish in 2010; that’s one of the reasons when all is said and done, I think this year will go down as a very good one for American DJ, its dealers and the customers we both serve.”

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