Ask Alfred Get Smart! Incorporate Intelligent Lighting Into Your Show

September 1, 2010 by Mobile Beat

Ask Alfred
Get Smart! Incorporate Intelligent  Lighting Into Your Show… Even If You Aren’t Crazy About DMX

Don’t like working with DMX, but want something more than stand alone fixtures? Take heart! Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager of American DJ, says that with the right tools you can incorporate intelligent lighting into your show to WOW! crowds and enhance the value of your service.

You obviously feel it’s important for DJs to incorporate intelligent lighting into their shows – why is that?

“From a creative standpoint, intelligent lighting allows you to do so much more and it makes designing a lightshow much more fun. So, for that reason alone, why would you want to be without intelligent lighting? From a business standpoint, intelligent lighting really ups your value as an entertainer. The movement, the patterns, the chasing that you create with intelligent lighting conveys an image that you’re a serious entertainer. This results in more gigs and better paying gigs.”

Why don’t all DJs embrace intelligent lighting instantly then?

“They do embrace it across the board, but some DJs who are early in the learning curve may still be uncomfortable with intelligent lighting and DMX. These DJs should know that there are tools that they can use to incorporate intelligent lighting into their show without necessarily getting very involved technically.”

Do you have any examples?

“Yes – the American DJ Comscan LED system; it’s a very easy intelligent lighting system. It can be run via DMX, but it can also be run very easily by a remote UC3 controller. And, it’s ready to run right out of the box.”

Can you describe the system – what’s in it?

“The system comes with two intelligent Comscan scanners and a handheld universal UC3 controller. The scanners have very bright 10 watt LEDs so they make a very intense and visually exciting statement. The lights also have a built in gobo and color changer that can produce eight color gobo combinations plus white. The lights also have a wide, sweeping X-Y mirror movement, a 13° beam angle, and they can pan up to 166° and tilt up to 54°. Adding to the excitement are a variety of eye-popping built-in lighting programs, a Gobo Shake effect, a Strobe effect and 0-100% dimming capabilities.”

What makes the Comscan system user friendly for DJs who want to get into intelligent lighting?

“The cool thing for these DJs is that you don’t need to use the Comscan with DMX 512 protocol software. You can, but it works fine when you operate it in Sound Active and Master-Slave modes. You can have it create some great effects using the onboard control panels on the backs of the units and you can link up to seven slave units to one master unit.”

Any examples of the cool things you can do?

“When four units are linked together Master-Slave, the system features a Pan/Tilt Inversion Mode, in which the first and third scanners will sync together in the opposite direction of the second and fourth scanner. This creates a very deep and visually interested effect on a dance floor, in a club or any room – and that will be a positive reflection on you as a DJ.”

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