Ask Alfred: Bar Hopping – Look To Color Bars To Help Your Show Stand Out

October 15, 2010 by Mobile Beat

Ask Alfred
Bar Hopping – Look To Color Bars To Help Your Show Stand Out

American DJ National Sales Manager Alfred Gonzales would like you to step up to the bar and pour yourself a strong one. Alfred isn’t talking about imbibing; instead, the “bar” he’s referring to is the new generation of color bar effects and the “strong one” he’s talking about is a strong dose of lighting excitement that will take your show to the next level. He explains in this interview:

We know there’s been a lot of advances in color bar design recently, what does this mean for DJs?
“It can mean a great deal, if they take advantage of the new color bars that are now on the market. A good color bar will flood a dance floor with light, color and movement, really taking a light show to another level and creating a much bigger impression on clients, without involving a great investment. DJs that focus on moving heads, moonflowers, scanners and lasers, should also take a close look at what color bars can do for them. I think it will take their show to the next level.”

Why do some DJs overlook color bars?
“Many DJs make great use of color bars, but others don’t. When they don’t, it’s usually because they think color bars cost more, use up too much power, get too hot or take up to much space. This was never really true, but the new generation of American DJ color bars address these issues better than ever. New color bars like our Fusion Tri FX Bar and Color Burst 8 DMX are surprisingly affordable and the fact that they’re LED means that they draw less power, generate less heat and last longer. Plus the fact that they’re very compact means that you can have a lot of lighting excitement coming out of a very small space. As an added bonus, many color bars do double duty, serving as two effects in one, which makes them even more affordable.

Can you elaborate on that last point; the one about doing double duty?
“Sure – the Fusion Tri FX Bar is a perfect example of what I mean. It is truly two effects in one. It’s a pinspot effect that produces an intense beam of light that can change colors like a rainbow; and it’s also a great diffuse color wash effect that envelops a dance floor in a sea of light. On top of this it can flash on and off with pulsating strobe action. So you’re really getting a varied mix of capabilities in this one bar.”

Cool – can you tell us more about the pinspot part of this bar?
“It’s a hard-edge LED color pinspot — or 4 of them, to be precise. Each of the pinspots is capable of producing 7 colors– red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan and white – thanks to our exclusive tri-color LED technology, which allows color-mixing to be done inside each LED light source.”

How about the color wash part of the Fusion Tri FX Bar?
“The unit’s LED wash/strobe effect is created by 3 banks of LED lights positioned between the 4 pinspots. The banks are different colors – red, green and blue – and each is powered by 45 LEDs, for a total of 135 LEDs in this electrifying wash effect, which is capable of strobing in every color.”

So how much space does one of these units take up?

“The Fusion Tri FX Bar is only 21.25 inches – or 538 millimeters long, which is amazing when you consider all this product does and how much lighting coverage it gives you. I recommend that you see one in action, or at least check out the video on our website. You can also link units and they can be run DMX, sound activated with built-in programs.”

If we can ask you to look into your crystal “bar” or ball – what do you see ahead for color bar effects?

“I see nothing but growth. As technology advances, the bars will become even more versatile and powerful. Plus, as more DJs come to the conclusion that they get bigger gigs when they make bigger presentations, more of them are going to be turning to bars to create signature light shows. When they do, American DJ products will be there to help them.”

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