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March 28, 2010 by Mobile Beat

Ask Alfred
Band (And DJ) On The Run, Putting
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Products like the new ADJ LS-80 LED are making it easier than ever for bands and DJs to take stage lighting with them when  they hit the road. Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager of American DJ, believes that this development is a good thing for any mobile entertainer who wants to take his or her career
places – like to new heights of success!

So you’re happy there’s more mobility in lighting systems today?
“Yes – obviously, it’s a good thing for us to sell, but it’s also a very positive thing for a DJ or band’s career, because it makes it easier for them to present a professional image when they perform.”

Can you elaborate?
“I think in the past some small bands and DJs might have limited the amount of lighting gear they carried, because there were issues involving space and weight when you transported the lighting, and issues involving time when you set it up. This led some performers to limit what they tried to accomplish with lighting. They would bring a few lights for the dance floor or gobo effect for a wall, but they might skip on lighting the stage. In my view, this is a mistake; you want to light the area where you’re performing if you’re a band or a DJ.”

Why is that important?
“Because you’re a performer and an entertainer, and lighting is an important part of the entertainment experience. As a DJ, you may not want lights on you at all times, such as when there’s action on the dance floor, but there are times when you’re incorporating other elements into your act when you want the light on stage. Now fortunately, there are some great products that make it easy to carry a mobile stage lighting kit wherever you perform.”

Do you have any examples?
“The American DJ LS-80 LED is a prime example. It’s an all-in-one LED par can system that includes a light stand, 4 Par 38 polish par cans – red, green, blue and amber — and a T2OF Chase Controller; and you can link multiple systems master-slave – so it’s very simple to transport and set up stage lighting if you’re a DJ or band going from gig to gig.”

What kind of coverage will the LS-80 LED give you on stage?
“It has a 25 degree beam angle and the light stand extends up to 10 feet high, so it covers a wide area. The quality of the light and color is excellent too so it looks great over any size area. Each par can has 12 1-watt LEDS.”

Since this is an LED fixture it must have an extended life too – correct?
“It has up to a 50,000 hour lifespan. Plus, the fact that it’s LED gives it another benefit that’s important to performers: the fact that it has a low heat emission keeps it from getting too hot on stage.”

If I’m a DJ or a band, do I need an engineering degree to program this light system?
“Absolutely not — The T20F that comes with the LS-80 LED system is a 4-channel chase control pack with 20 built-in programs. Ten of these programs are normal chase programs and 10 are with fade time. So you can just set it up and run a lot of different options with it. Of course, you can work in a DMX operation mode too. The system also has master-slave and sound activated modes.”

Do you have any other advice for DJ’s regarding mobile systems?
“I would remind DJs that these systems are great investments, because they make it easier to deliver your best performance regardless of how far you travel to reach a gig. Since the LS-80 LED is such an important investment, I strongly recommend protecting it by getting an Arriba AC-150 All-In-One Tripod System case to guard against scratches and other damage. After all any time you hit the road, you pack your bags, well it should be the same for your lights to. If they’re going on the road, they should be protected.”

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