Ask Alfred: A New Look at Lasers

May 23, 2010 by Mobile Beat

Ask Alfred

A New Look At Lasers:

With laser-like perception, American DJ National Sales Manager Alfred Gonzales hones in on the rapidly changing world of laser lighting. New products like our purple light emitting American DJ Galaxian Royale have brought new colors to laser lighting, which in turn opens up more creative opportunities for you as a mobile entertainer. Here is what Alfred had to say:

You’re big on laser lighting right now – how come?

“Laser lighting has always been exciting because of its intensity, but frankly its usage was somewhat held back by the limitations in the colors you could get from a laser. At first lasers only gave off red light, then came green lasers, now you can have purple laser light with the new American DJ Galaxian Royale. The fact that there are more laser colors, means that you can use laser in a wider variety of ways and in a wider variety of settings.”

Do you have any examples?

“Sure, for instance a purple laser light may be more appropriate for a corporate event than red. Or you can be playing a reception and start off with purple and green lasers in your show, then switch over to red when the evening heats up and people take to the dance floor. Of course mixing different colored laser beams in your show can give it more depth. It can also help you cover a wider area without looking like you’re repeating the same colored laser beams over again. Your business as a DJ is all about bringing sound and color to events, so the more color options you have at your disposal, the better.”

Can you tell us a little about the Galaxian Royale?

“This is the newest addition to our popular Galaxian series. It contains both a 200mW purple laser and a 30mW green laser, providing a truly unique color combo. One of the things that’s really impressive about the Galaxian Royale is that it produces a massive array of 500 pin-sized laser beams.”

So it’s not just the fact that it produces two colors, including purple, but it’s also the massive output of the Galaxian Royale that makes it special.

“You’re absolutely correct. Its massive output creates an real starry effect. You can project this huge army of beams onto the ceiling, wall or dance floor to immerse a room or a crowd in a cosmic ‘purple rain’ light display.”

Can you use the Galaxian Royale’s purple and green lights together?

“The Galaxian Royale’s contrasting color duo of purple and green can be projected alone or together to achieve different effects.”

What are some of its other features?

“The Galaxian Royale has a 90° beam angle and high-quality 1.8° stepper motors with microstepping; and it produces a wide beam spread and smooth, flowing movements. Its powerful razor-sharp beams look great with or without fog, so it’s perfect for venues where foggers are restricted. It also features 3 operation modes: DMX, Sound Active and Master/Slave mode. The DMX mode offers 4 channels (Purple Laser, Green Laser, Rotation and Macro), which gives users the ability to program a custom light show. DJs and mobile entertainers who opt not to use DMX have the option to set the Royale to groove to the music on its own with built-in internal programs. The Master/Slave mode can sync multiple units with the linkable 3-pin XLR connections.”

It also seems like a very compact fixture.

“Yes, it is. It weighs 2.8 kilograms, which is a little under 6 pounds, and it has a very small footprint. It’s also a very green effect, with a 17w power consumption – and it runs very cool. As I said earlier, there’s a great deal to like about this little effect. “

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