Are You Summerized?

May 18, 2017 by Stu Chisholm

It might seem silly, with the snowflakes still dancing outside the window for many of us, to be thinking about summer. Just as a smart DJ starts contacting Christmas clients in July, he or she will also be planning ahead for those warm summer months just weeks away. On the business end, most of us have companies, businesses and groups that have summer picnics and fairs to contact, not to mention planning the second phase of our wedding advertising; the bridal show season has yet to peak! Right now is not too early. There are also those other, less obvious things we should be thinking about.

Sunshine on his shoulders might’ve made John Denver happy, but to a mobile DJ it can spell disaster if not taken into account. First and foremost, some genius decided to dress all of our gear in black. Black in the sunlight means heat, and plenty of it! Black absorbs heat, so shade, airflow and even cooling can be vital to things like amplifiers, which, just by way of reminder, are also crammed inside of today’s active speakers. In other words, for powered speaker users, if your speaker is in the sun, then so is your amp! The best strategy is to shade your speakers, and know their specs. Top brands, like EV, often have onboard systems that control their cooling systems and will alert you and/or shut down the amp when safe temperatures are exceeded. Watch the temps to make sure they don’t exceed your speaker’s normal operating parameters.

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Stu Chisholm had been collecting music since he was about eight years old and began his DJ career in 1979. After much hard work, trial-and-error, and a stint at the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts, he studied the DJ arts with famous Michigan broadcaster, Bill Henning, at a local college. Stu interned at Detroit’s rock powerhouse, WRIF. To his radio and mobile work Stu later added club gigs at Detroit’s best venues, and voiceover work. He has shared his extensive DJ experience through his Mobile Beat columns, as a seminar speaker and through his book, “The Complete Disc Jockey: A Comprehensive Manual for the Professional DJ,” released in 2008.

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