Are you really indispensable?

October 10, 2008 by Andy Ebon

puzzle-missing-piece.jpgOne of the best aspects of our 21st century society is ultra-fast, 24-7 communication, from any point on the planet, to any other point on the planet.

One of the worst aspects of our 21st century society is ultra fast, 24-7 communication, from any point on the planet, to any other point on the planet.

It gives you the illusion of urgency and importance. Yes, the illusion.

Were matters any less urgent 30 years ago? I think not.

First, came the ‘FedEx’ effect; then fax machines, and clunky cell phones.

Now you can text, blog, email, web-surf, and so much more, all from your cell phone. Is that good? Don’t answer that question…. just yet.

Ask yourself if you’re addicted to instant communication. How long can you go without using your cell phone or a laptop? 12 hours, 6 hours, 1 hour?

contemplation.jpgDo you crave communication as much as caffeine or nicotine?

What if you took a full day off? No phone, no email, no texting, no surfing the web. No nothing. Could your business survive without you? How long would it take before you were ‘jonesing’ for contact?

Could or would the business survive a day without the ability to ask you a question, and get an answer? Have you made yourself that indispensable? Or is that just self-delusion?

Is it possible to take a 10-day vacation, far away from any kind of electronic communication? How would that make you feel? Could you relax or would you lose your mind?

Are you really indispensable or has 24-7 instant communication just created an addiction that makes you feel that way? Are the people who work with you or for you, your clients, and the business support world around you, going to come to an abrupt halt without you?

Let me give you a wake up call. If you get struck by lightning, tomorrow, you’ll be missed. Your passing will create some kind of immediate chaos, but make no mistake, you’re not indispensable. The rest of the world will move on.

Your business acumen and special talents will be missed, but you’ll be replaced, however imperfectly, much sooner than one might think.

contemplation-2.jpgDo I have your attention?

Shut off the computer. Turn off the cell phone. Turn off the TV.

Read a book. Hug someone close to you. Call an old friend. Go watch a comedy and laugh. Listen to some of your favorite music on CD. Light a candle. Add to this list.

If you can’t make any of these things happen, easily, you’re in big trouble.

Take some time to consider your business situation, your friendships, your lifestyle, your country, your personal and family relationships, and your ability think quietly and clearly.

Are you really indispensable? Or are you just a workaholic? Are you addicted to high-tech communication? What IS your story?

If you’re not sure, maybe it’s time to figure it out… while you still have some life left to enjoy.

Oh, wedding marketing will still be important when you clear your head. In fact, the stars may align very easily. Amazing how simple that would be.

Simplicity… Good word. It’s worth rediscovering.

Andy Ebon
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