Are You More Than Just a DJ?

January 20, 2019 by Michael Cordeiro

Remember when becoming a mobile disc jockey required a huge investment in music and gear? Not to mention paying an arm and a leg for a big ad in the local phone book. The extra money was great. Back then I’m not sure how many people really thought of being a DJ as an occupation. These days “everyone” is a DJ. Buy a controller and some speakers to hook up to your laptop and stream music through Spotify and Pandora or You Tube. Book a couple of gigs and now your a DJ. Easy right?

That’s all well and good if you are just in this as a side hustle. For those of us that have made this a career or want to become full time, more of a business mentality is needed. The first step is to think of your self as a business owner first and DJ second. Running a business is what you do. Being a disc jockey is the service you provide. The more services you provide, the greater the revenue you generate. That may sound like nitpicking, but successful entrepreneurs learn to develop multiple income streams. Truth is most millionaires have at least seven forms of active or passive income.

If you look at the DJ industry over the last 15 years, many companies (including mine) have diversified into providing photo booths, up lighting, sound reinforcement, screens, projectors, video and/or photography services. These additional services can be sent out individually or packaged together for a client. This shift to providing multiple services has revolutionized the DJ industry. Small solo operators have now expanded from their garage or basement to warehouses and offices with a huge staff. Some of these guys have grown so big that they don’t even DJ anymore. They are full time business men.

There are some weeks that my company has several events booked that don’t involve us spinning. Does that mean I’m a bad DJ or a really good business man? I’m still generating revenue. This is the big stumbling block for most part time DJ’s that want to make the leap to full time. The fear of not having enough work to survive. You don’t have to own a big company or become a multi -op. Stop thinking like a DJ. Start thinking like an entrepreneur.

The revenue streams you develop don’t all have to be DJ related either. Doing this full time gives you the opportunity to explore other interests and turn them into additional income centers. Other revenue streams could be real estate, writing, acting, opening an Ebay store, voice over work, face painting, caricature artists, magicians, balloon artists, bouncey houses, etc. You are only limited by your imagination. Turn your passions into profit.

After sixteen years of being a self employed business owner, I could never go back to working for someone else. I love the freedom to much. If you are thinking about taking the leap and going full time, I suggest you be at MBLV23 in March. This will be your best opportunity to network with other full time entrepreneurs and learn what steps you need to take. Be more than just a DJ.

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