Are you a Wedding DJ & Entertainment Thought Leader?

December 13, 2016 by Brian Lawrence

Ask yourself this: What resonates with you more?  A nicely designed advertisement aimed at earning your business, an easy-read article with great advice you can apply to your business, or attending a seminar where you learn valuable skills that you can apply to your business?

thoughtleadersConsider that question as you develop or redevelop your marketing strategy. Really get into the mind of your customer. You should use your blog to prove that you are a thought leader in the DJ & entertainment industry as well as educate your potential customers and showcase your expertise. Your social media should be used in the same manner; educating and engaging potential customers. If you provide tips that will help the bride plan her wedding and give her convenience, you’re already adding value to your business in her mind. If she contacts you, it’s because she has already established respect and a strong interest in your expertise.

This mindset is more effective in targeting potential customers because you are thinking like the customer and not like the company desperately trying to earn their business. By giving them valuable information and content, you’ve effectively proving your worth and knowledge to them. If you’re a DJ, write an article about planning the music for the big day and the ingredients of a truly successful party. Along with a brochure, distribute that article too. And encourage your networking partners do it for you too.

If you didn’t already know, local newspapers journalists generally aren’t wedding experts. They are constantly seeking outlets to source information by interviewing professionals or even buying articles from outside sources. Try submitting your article to a local magazine or blog in return for a mention. When published, you can promote it on your website and any other marketing sources.

If you want to get creative, visit a local high school or college or try your hand at hosting a class at an event like SXSW. Schools and universities are always hungry for educators on a variety of topics that will attract an audience. As an educator, your name and company along with a course description is included in a bulletin that is sent to every resident in the area. As a wedding DJ or even if you product music, think about teaching a class on Ableton, hosting an instructional course on how to spin, or even how to pick the right music to match the vibe of a dance floor. Even if you only have 10 students in your class, it’s a great captive audience.

Marketing your business shouldn’t be focused on ads and trying to push the sale. By proving your worth and value as an industry thought leader, you’re warming up your customer and inching them closer to a booking. Always put yourself in the mind of your customer.

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