Applying Array Technology to Portable Sound

November 30, 2016 by Robert Lindquist

Technology, as it relates to the art and profession of mobile DJs, reaches way beyond loudspeakers. I mention this from the get-go because the title of this feature may prompt you to think it’s simply an infomercial for Bose. While Bose is indeed a company driven to innovate, the intent here is to cover a broad range of technologies for DJs—and if those products happen to be from Bose, so be it.175-30-31

Case in point: I just finished reading about one of Bose Professional’s latest products, the ShowMatch DeltaQTM array loudspeakers. These are meant for applications such as small clubs, churches and amphitheaters with audience capacities in the range of 5,000 to 7,500 people. DeltaQ array technology obviously goes way beyond your mobile rig, but it does have some of the DNA found in the Bose line of portable PA systems.

The Bose L1 systems ( were the point where Bose first brought line array technology to portable audio. Originally the L1 systems were designed for musicians but became an unexpected hit with DJs. As Bose gained more knowledge about the challenges mobile DJs deal with in their quest to keep their crowds hoppin,’ Bose saw an opportunity to take it a step further.

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