Announcing Remixvideo 1.3 — Music generates visuals.

July 20, 2017 by Mobile Beat

Discover Generators, visual content generated in real time. Tweak their shapes with adjustable parameters and let them react to the music to create infinite possibilities.

Remixvideo now provides fully controllable visuals at your fingertips, known as Generators: let BPM-synced and audio-reactive Generators intuitively follow the dynamic of the music, or take advantage of infinite parameter combinations to create custom shapes, colors or textures.

Generators open new possibilities for existing features: activate Audio Live Input, launch BPM-synced or audio-reactive ones and let the music generate perfectly-matching visuals. Assign parameters to a MIDI controller and move the knobs to transform shapes in real time.

Play Generators alongside any type of video files, whether they are pictures, gifs or regular video clips. Enhancing one’s collection with 36 new visuals free to download , they provide a unique flavor that helps make every performance as unique as can be.

Create interactive visuals with Generators

  • ●  Custom colors, textures and shapes.
  • ●  BPM-synced and audio-reactive.Open new possibilities for existing features
  • ●  Make Generators react to external sources with Audio Live Input.
  • ●  Map Generators’ parameters to a controller with MIDI learn.Enhanced video collection
  • ●  Adding 36 free Generators plus another new pack available for purchase.
  • ●  Combine Generators with other visuals, pictures or video clips.


Audiovisual sampler

• Play fully-synced video samples, link audio samples to video pads. • Modular grid: up to 8×8 pads.
• 3 playmodes: loop, one-shot and gate.
• Audio sample editor: quantize, gain, mute audio.

• Video sample editor: hue, contrast, brightness, saturation, chroma key, position & scale.

Professional video mixing

• 18 video FX & 7 mixing modes.
• Built-in mixer: audio & video faders, bi-filter knobs, EQs, mute & solo buttons. • Live BPM control with time stretch and tap tempo.
• Touch Bar editing shortcuts on the new MacBook Pro.
• Autopilot: automatically plays a sequence of pads.

Video content and output

• 144 free professional video samples worth $156.
• Import samples: supports main AV formats & video codecs (avi, mov, mp4, mpeg, hap,…). • Live video input: play webcam or camera input onto a pad.
• Generators: includes 48 free real-time generated/audio-reactive files.
• Record in MP4 and upload to YouTube and Dailymotion.

Hardware and software compatibility

• Audio live input.
• MIDI support and MIDI learn. • VST/AU plug-in.
• Ableton Link support.
• Syphon/Spout support.

Pricing and availability

Remixvideo is available at a new full price of $99.
More info:
Free “Essential Generators” pack:

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Mixvibes has been developing music, DJ and video apps for Mac/PC, iOS and Android for over 15 years. The company also contributed to Pioneer’s rekordboxTM, the standard music management software used in clubs all over the world.

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