Mobile Beat And You – Step 1 – Read All Of This!

Three Step Process

  1. Reading all of this
  2. Telling us about you and your skills on Step 2 – Write For Us!
  3. Telling us more about you and your presentation ideas on Step 3 – Speak For Us!

Read Writing and Presenting For Mobile Beat

As the leader in mobile DJ education, Mobile Beat is always hungry for new writers and presenters — DJs or others with relevant experience to share, fresh ideas, who are interested in helping the industry grow. Mobile Beat provides opportunities for communication including writing for our monthly digital magazine, blogging for our website, and presenting at Mobile Beat Las Vegas.

Getting Started Speaking or Writing for Mobile Beat

Every industry and non-DJ industry writer for Mobile Beat has their own story as to how they came to work with us, but in general, there are two possible paths: We go after them or they find us. People we “go after” are successful in the DJ industry or some other relevant area; we want to find out their story and potentially share it with our readers/attendees for their benefit.

When they find us, it’s usually because they have something to share and they want to work with the right team — Mobile Beat — and they see opportunity for themselves, or the industry in general, that they can provide.

Opportunities Within Mobile Beat

Most people don’t start out on the big stage. For that highest level, we need consummate professionals with top-flight content who can command an audience of more than a thousand. This is a tough thing to do, to teach from a stage with 1000 students dialed in on your presentation. Mobile Beat has often been viewed an event professional’s conference with an emphasis on DJing. This is partially because the business and inspirational presentations/seminars have always been strong; and we will continue to look for good material in these areas.

In contrast to the once-a-year opportunity to share at Mobile Beat Las Vegas is the potential for writing. While again, we have lots of business/marketing articles, the other areas are where we want to grow. Performance-related articles are at the top of our list for what we need to improve our online content. We realize that it’s difficult to translate these kinds of concepts into the written word, so we are looking for the kind of writers who can do that successfully. We also want more motivational content that DJs can use (making general concepts relevant to mobile entertainers). When it comes to technical/gear-related articles and reviews, we need thoroughness and detail, again with the ability to present the information in a readable, entertaining way.

Writing and Presenting Compensation

We pay for good material, simple as that. Just like in pro baseball, when you are starting out, minor league pay is nothing exciting. By the time you get to the “big time,” you are making good money for your time, plus building a resume that can catapult you further in the event industry.

We go anywhere from barter for advertising/promotion of products you may have to offer to the next step of getting paid directly by the article, by the month, etc. and getting things rolling.  Blogging averages $100 a month for weekly posts of good material (4+ short-form articles of 200-300 words). More in-depth articles for the digital magazine (pieces containing top-notch info and not “fluff”) are paid $75 for 600-800 words (1 page in the mag), or in further $75 increments for longer pieces.

At Mobile Beat Las Vegas, you have to remember that there are only around 15-20 spots annually on the main stage. We usually work with around 50 proposals for those spots. Unlike almost any other avenue within the DJ industry, we provide more than just a pass to the show. Packages vary, but most often include hotel, travel reimbursement/stipend, passes (multiple to include staff, spouses, etc.) and a potential speaker’s fee.

How to Be Considered

It comes down to seeing what you have to offer. For writing, we are looking for the following:

  1. 2 examples of writing on DJ-related topics.
  2. 10 topic ideas, one sentence/phrase each. Example: “Small town bridal fair promotion”
  3. Any other avenues where you are using your skills outside of Mobile Beat (writing for blogs, presenting at other shows, etc.)
  4. Compensation goals. Where you are interested in starting, and where you would like to be within a year, as to what we are paying you for your content.

For presenting, most often we want you to meet the above goals for writing first. Then you would need to provide a detailed proposal for the seminar you have in mind. If possible, you should also provide video of presentations you’ve already done, to demonstrate your ability to teach in person.

That’s the basics. Now the ball is in your hands. We are always interested in your questions, input and ideas.  Please contact Ryan Burger at, or at 515-986-3344 x300.

If you want to get updates from us when opportunities arise please add yourself to the below email mailing list:

Writing Considerations being taken year round
Speaking Considerations/Proposals taken from May 1st until August 31st!