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April 8, 2008 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

The task of finding good help is the multi-mobile managers greatest challenge. No question about it. There are several ingredients that formulate the success of your company, when utilizing employees to represent you. Allow me to highlight a few of them:A positive/professional company image – Most DJ managers feel like the only people they have to “sell” on the quality of their services are the clients. I believe that it is equally as important to “sell” your own staff on the quality of your services, and the reputation you have worked hard to achieve. Pump up your staff members and convince them that they are now a part of a top-notch, professional organization.

Develop a comprehensive company training manual – You have seen me harp about this over and over………….but I cannot overemphasize the importance of having an ORGANIZED TRAINING PROGRAM. This serves several purposes. First, you become more consistent in the training you give to your employees. I can’t tell you how many times I forgot to tell a new employee vital information, and had problems due to my oversight. Your company training manual, if well written and organized, also impresses the new employee, and gives them a positive perception of your company image(see item #1),

Provide your employee good equipment and an organized music library. This serves to make their job easier, and allows them to 2concentrate on performing and entertaining, rather than wasting time fixing sub-standard equipment. An organized music library with an alphabetical database also serves to make your employees job a lot easier.

Give your employees regular pay raises and evaluations. This serves to keep the employee on their toes, realizing that if they begin to slack off, that it could cost them a pay raise. This is a crucial component of motivating a part time disc-jockey. It is imperative that you start your new employees off at a salary that gives you room to provide pay raises. However, pay raises should only be awarded for quality performances and good faith efforts by the employee to abide by your company rules and performance standards. This, once again, is why it is crucial to have an organized training manual. You cannot have arbitrary performance standards. Tip: give your new employee a blank copy of your evaluation form at the completion of their training. This will communicate to them EXACTLY what you expect from them in order to award a pay raise. If you want a copy of my employee performance evaluation, please email me, and I will send you one.

Add a clause in your company contract that suggests an OPTIONAL gratuity as being appropriate in the event that the disc-jockey provides a quality performance. I cannot stress enough how well this has worked for my company!!!!! In fact, this has changed the entire “culture” of my company . Why?? Because my staff members are treating the guests and clients as if they were a waiter at a fine dining restaurant, looking to provide the best service possible in hopes of being rewarded with a tip at the end of the show. You know those shows where only 75 people show up, and the DJ has a tendency to write off the event as a dud??? That doesn’t happen anymore………..not with our company………..our guys work hard to motivate and entertain. You see now, all of a sudden, there is something in it for them.

Be a good person to work for. This may sound silly, but think about it. Who wants to work in a negative environment where you constantly have to worry about the boss being a hot head, or unreasonable to work for?? Remember, you don’t employ a full time employee, in most cases. This means you have to find creative ways to motivate your staff in a POSITIVE way, and rely on the disciplinary process as a last resort. The problem is, a lot of guys who start out as a DJ, and then become a supervisor, do not have any training on supervising others. If you don’t, take a college class at your local community college. One tip: if you have a company training manual that spells out all of your performance standards, you can address them in a POSITIVE environment in the training process, rather than waiting for a problem to develop, and then have to address it in a negative way. In other words, be proactive, and head off any problems before they pop up.

If you don’t want to waste your time training future competitors, get a “No-Compete Contract” developed by an attorney. This will serve to reduce turnover in your company, and allow you to concentrate on managing a successful business.

I have spoke with a number of other disc-jockey’s from across the country, who feel that it is a next-to-impossible task to find good staff members who will provide good performances, and maintain the quality reputation that they worked so hard to earn. When I questioned these people about their experiences, I found in all cases, that they were deficient in several of the categories described above. Getting staff members to represent you in a professional manner is not impossible, nor is it an accident. Moreover, it is the result of a carefully planned management approach that must be applied, in order to be successful.

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