An Original Las Vegas Experience $69 per night and NLFX ProAcademy Sessions announced for MBLV 2012

December 14, 2011 by Michael Buonaccorso

An Original Las Vegas Experience $69 per night

Got your sleeping room yet? The Riviera Hotel & Casino is once again the location for the Mobile Beat Las Vegas DJ Show, February 6-9,2012, offering conference attendees hotel accommodations at an exceptional value of $69 per night. This full-service hotel features outstanding shows performing nightly. Dining options include the Riv Buffet, R Steak & Seafood Restaurant, Poolside Café, Queen Victoria British Pub, Banana Leaf Asian Restaurant, and the Mardi Gras Food Court.

The hotel also boasts 100,000 square feet of the latest casino games that include the best table games odds on the Las Vegas Strip as well as the new Asian gaming pit, featuring baccarat and Pai Gow poker, and bingo. Super Bowl weekend precedes the show, so rooms may go fast! Book directly online through the show website or call 800-634-3420.

Find out all the latest conference news including what the latest happenings are in the seminar rooms, the exhibit hall, at the parties ,and who will be our special guests!

A full show pass is $199 but ONLY THROUGH DECEMBER 31 -THEN PRICES GO UP!!!


NLFX ProAcademy Sessions announced for MBLV 2012

Ben Stowe serves the AV industry as the President of NLFX Professional, an industry leading supplier of sound, lighting and video systems since1993. Ben founded the ProAcademy because of his desire to help DJs better understand the technologies that drive their businesses. Today his ProAcademy Event Lighting DVD is available at leading retailers in several countries around the world. It has been an addition to the Mobile Beat Show since 2008.

Wednesday, February 8th

8:30 am High Powered Lasers For DJ’s: Technology, Safety, & The Law – Dan Goldsmith

Start from the very beginning and learn how to sell high powered laser shows to your customers with this robust look at laser effects, licensing, maximizing ROI, laser safety and more. Jam packed full of useful information, this introductory seminar has everything you need to know to start making money with high powered laser shows, safely.

9:45 am Intelligent Lighting Design – Jason Weldon

Let Jason Weldon show you some interesting ways to create a design schemes and how you can utilize that to become part of your performance. He will show you medium to advanced set ups, as well as different ways to program the lighting to get the most out of the fixtures. We will overview the equipment needed for both operation and fixture setup and we will finish with the scene and cue creation to make your show stand out. By the time this seminar is over you will have ideas and a solid foundation that you can take back to your market and book more lighting options with your DJ package. As his past seminars have been, this will be in depth and be very picture oriented. Make sure to bring a note book!

11:00 am The latest in lighting – Ben Stowe, CTS

Lighting is a great way to create an experience for your clients and their guests, but changes in technology can be hard to keep up with and the terminology confusing. Don’t miss these great opportunities for gobo (monogram) projection, uplighting and more! Learn what’s new and how to use these tools for dramatic effect. Ben will talk about light sources, techniques, fixture types, and an overview of DMX that gives you the ultimate control of your fixtures!

Thursday, February 9th

8:30 am Essential Audio – Ben Stowe, CTS

When it comes to sound you’re presented with lots of terminology (watts, decibels, ohms, balanced, etc), but what does it mean? This session will help you sort through it all and translate it into the meaningful information you need to make good decisions for your business and your clients. We’ll decode the datasheets and help you understand it in clear, plain English. We’ll also take the mystery out of decibels, how many you need, and what to do about noise requirements at your events

9:45 am Video DJ’s tips and tricks – Nick Covino

For those of you that think outside the box, how about cracking the box wide open with some new idea’s and new technology that you may have never heard of. Using some cool tools of the AV world can allow any performer to raise their game to show clients what they really want but seldom ask for. Come join Nick C. (VJ Extreme) for some cool tools that can inspire you get into the Video DJ world, or to add some crazy new features to your existing setup. This seminar is for beginners and advanced video DJ’s and has something to offer the audio expert or the highly tech savvy video pro. Concepts covered range from getting better video signal over long runs, to using wifi to get your “point” across as well as the use of a matrix video switcher and some cool tricks with cat5 cable.

11:00 am Power to the People! – Ben Stowe, CTS

Amps, Watts, Volts and more! While many DJs are growing into larger events and need production level power, regardless of the events you do these terms control your universe. Wanna know what the heck they are and how to make sure you don’t blow anything up? This is the seminar for you! Topics will include volt drop, wire gauge, choosing cord sizes, power distribution for larger events, and several other useful nuggets to make sure you have THE POWER for your events, big or small!

All ProAcademy seminars are available to registered attendees of MBLV16.

A full show pass is $199 but ONLY THROUGH DECEMBER 31 -THEN PRICES GO UP!!!

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