American DJ’s Majestic LED Takes DJ/Club Effects To Aerial Heights At A Down-To-Earth Price

October 19, 2009 by Mobile Beat

LOS ANGELES – The new Majestic LED from American DJ is a spectacularly regal moonflower – that won’t cost you a king’s ransom. Powered by 64 red, 60 green and 60 blue brilliant 5mm LEDs, this unique DJ/club effect produces a shower of 184 dazzling beams that are so intense and razor-sharp they look like a laser light show.

With tight, penetrating beams that can shoot through the air over long distances, and a wide 56° angle beam spread that covers a large area, the Majestic LED is great for producing aerial effects over crowds. Just project its special angled lenses upward, and watch club patrons get transfixed by the dramatic display of nearly 200 colorful laser-like beams cascading overhead like confetti. A pulsating strobe effect can be turned on to add to the thrills and excitement.

Ideal for mobile DJs, clubs and small venues, the Majestic LED offers a cost-effective, convenient alternative to expensive laser effects. “Because it has such extremely sharp and focused beams, the Majestic LED provides the exciting look of a laser aerial effect, yet at a much lower cost,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American Group of Companies. “Plus, with LEDs as its light source, you don’t have to worry about a laser variance or other types of restrictions. DJs and small clubs can now add the impact of laser to their light shows without any hassle, at a price that’s very affordable.”

DJs and clubs will also appreciate the many features and operational versatility of the Majestic LED. A DMX compatible unit, it can be operated in 2 DMX modes — 2- or 8-channel. For those who prefer an easy plug-and-play light show, the Majestic LED can also be run as a Sound-Active effect to its own internal programs without requiring a controller. Additionally, it is compatible with American DJ’s universal UC3 remote control (sold separately), giving users fingertip command over basic functions such as blackout and program selection. To accommodate larger venues and light shows, multiple Majestic LED units can be linked together via the fixture’s built-in XLR connections and run Master/Slave.

As an LED-powered effect, the Majestic LED is very low-maintenance and energy-efficient compared to traditional halogen moonflowers. Its long-life LED lamps will last for 100,000 hours without burning out. Despite its brightness and large coverage area, it draws just 19W of electricity maximum, helping venues save on energy costs and allowing more units to be connected to a single circuit. Another advantage LEDs have over halogen lamps is their cool operating temperature – the Majestic LED can run all night without having to shut down for duty cycles, and mobile entertainers can pack it up immediately after the show without waiting for a cool-down period.

The Majestic LED includes a convenient hanging bracket and features multi-voltage operation: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz. Easy to transport for mobile use, it measures 21.5″L x 8.5″W x 7.75″H, and weighs 12 lbs. The MSRP of the Majestic LED is $239.95.

See the Majestic LED in action! Check the video below:

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