Amazing, New Wireless Uplights for an Amazing Price!

February 22, 2019 by Jason Alexander

Wireless uplighting Rainbow lights

Uplighting and wireless uplighting has been around for a little while now. There are the big name companies that charge a lot for their uplights and the quality is great, as we expect them to be. Then, you have numerous small or unheard of companies that are much cheaper on Amazon, but the quality is so-so. I’ve taken a chance and bought a few of those over the years. I’ve learned my lesson and will happily pay more for a quality product.

We provide Austin & San Antonio DJs, Austin & San Antonio photo booth rentals, lighting, uplighting, and much more, for our Austin/central Texas area weddings and events. Uplighting has become a very essential part of our packages. As you know, it can truly change the appearance of a venue, and make your setup look much better. When a client and their guests have never heard of you, appearance is everything. Even though the majority of clients have no idea how to tell what a good setup is, versus a bad setup, they do know what looks nice and what doesn’t!

That being said, you don’t have to pay crazy prices for great uplighting anymore! There’s a new uplighting company and they’re amazing! You have to check out Rainbow Lights for all of your uplighting needs. They have battery-powered uplighting at a fraction of the cost of some of the other well-known competitors! I know you’re thinking, meh, they’re probably some Chinese company with terrible lighting and perhaps Jason got paid to write this article. Nope, not true at all. I am a happy customer and chose to help all my other fellow DJs out! 🙂

I stumbled upon their site looking to buy more wireless lights for our setup. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical, myself. The price was great and they had a few good reviews. I went ahead and contacted them to ask more questions. Let me tell you, I was blown away by their customer service. I spoke with Michael, from their team. Wow, he would always get right back to me, right away. I’m talking within minutes of my emails, every time! I had a ton of questions and he answered them all, quickly.

I decided to take the chance and started out by buying two. I told them that if I liked them, I’d certainly order more. Within minutes of placing the order, I got the UPS shipping notification. I was like wow, they’re quick!! The order was shipped out the same day and arrived at my home super fast! I got them and the first thing I noticed is that they’re pretty heavy. I believe they’re about 8.5 lbs per regular light (they also have a smaller “mini” version). Some people may find this as an issue, but I don’t. These things are built like a tank! The quality is amazing.

Next, I plugged them in and tried them out. Wow, these lights are BRIGHT! I own other uplights from American DJ and Chauvet and these lights are far brighter than my others! I placed one light in my bedroom, since it’s super dark in there (we have blackout curtains), and tried it out. Wow, the light was brighter than my actual two-room lights, which are LED lights that are both 60-watt equivalent! The ONE light lit up the entire bedroom! We went through a variety of colors with the remote and they all looked great!

You can also order a wireless DMX transmitter on their site, which makes setting up your lights easier and faster. They have package deals to order 10 lights plus an awesome charging case that has the ability to charge all the lights inside the case, and you just plug in the one plug, to charge them all! Here’s the picture, below.

Wireless uplighting rainbbow lights

Be sure to visit their site and check out all the information. I don’t want to bore you with specs, but I will simply say these lights are going to be worth every penny! Thanks to Michael and the Rainbow Lights team for all their great service! I look forward to ordering more lighting, soon! I can’t wait ’til they have the light bars back in stock! If you have these lights, feel free to add your comment!

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