ADJ’s Battery-Powered Mega Go Flood Par Provides Wide-Angle RGB Washing Anywhere – Without Power Cords!

January 21, 2013 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

ADJ’s Battery-Powered Mega Go Flood Par Provides Wide-Angle RGB Washing Anywhere – Without Power Cords!

LOS ANGELES — (For Immediate Release) – Now lighting designers can splash a wide swath of RGB color over a wall or stage without worrying about the availability of electrical power outlets. ADJ Products has introduced the Mega Go Flood Par, a low-profile, wide-angle beam LED Par 38 that runs on a rechargeable lithium battery, giving you the freedom to create bright RGB color washes virtually anywhere –even where there are no power connections!

Featuring a 120° beam angle and a short throw from its SMD (Surface Mount Diode) LEDs, the Mega Go Flood Par is ideal for wide, close-range wall-washing as well as the backlighting of scrim onstage. Equipped with 27 x 4.5-watt Tri-Color (red, green, blue) SMD LEDs, it creates rich, smoothly blended colors and ultra-bright washes, with none of the distractive RGB shadows typically produced by single-color LEDs

The latest addition to ADJ’s line of portable, battery-powered Go Series fixtures, the Mega Go Flood Par will run for 4.5 hours at peak performance when fully charged. Its built-in lithium battery can then be recharged and ready to go in 6.5 hours.

“Being free from the constraints of power connectors gives you more creativity and flexibility in your lighting designs – not to mention an easier, faster set-up time – which is why our battery-powered Go Series has been such a huge success,” said Alfred Gonzales, national sales manager for ADJ. “Now, with the Mega Go Flood Par, we’ve brought the convenience of battery operation to a wide-angle, short-throw Par 38 fixture.

“But the Mega Go Flood Par is about more than cordless convenience,” added Gonzales. “Just because it’s battery operated doesn’t mean you have to settle for less power. Like the other members of the Go Series, its high-output, RGB color quality and brightness rival that of much bulkier, ‘plugged-in’ fixtures.”

Professional features are another area in which the Mega Go Flood Par can stand up to its corded cronies. Offering a broad choice of DMX and manual control options, it includes 0-100% electronic dimming, LED pulse and strobe effects, fast or slow color change operation, and 35 built-on color macros. There are a total of 5 operational modes to choose from: Auto Mode; Sound Active Mode; Stand Alone Mode; Master-Slave Mode; and DMX Mode. DMX users can further select from 7 different channel options (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 channels) for even greater programming flexibility.

For the ultimate in user convenience, this go-anywhere fixture can also be operated remotely, using ADJ’s ADJ RFC Wireless Remote Control (sold separately). Additionally, for those who want to really “wash on the wide side,” the Mega Go Flood Par can be linked in multiples via 3-pin XLR cable. It includes IEC AC inputs/outputs on the rear panel to daisy chain power for up to 30 Mega Go Flood Par units.

Adding new meaning to the term “go-anywhere,” the Mega Go Flood Par features ADJ’s exclusive low-profile, sit-flat design, with all of its power/DMX connectors positioned on the side of the unit rather than the rear. This new, efficient design gives the par the flexibility to be positioned flat on the ground without its bracket for easy uplighting and to be inserted directly into truss as a color toner. The unit comes with a dual-bracket scissor yoke for hanging on truss and wall-mounting.

Maintenance free and energy efficient, the Mega Go Flood Par’s LEDs will run up to 50,000 hours and they draw just 18W at maximum use . The unit features multi-voltage operation: AC 100V-240V, 50/60 Hz.

The Mega Go Flood Par weighs only 3 lbs./ 1 kg., and its low-profile case measures 8”L x 7.75”W x 3.75”H/ 202 x 15 x 92 mm. The MSRP of the Mega Go Flood Par is $179.95.

Check out this Under The Hood video of the Mea Go Flood Par!

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