ADJA Announces Another Industry First!

March 24, 2010 by Mobile Beat

Well the wait is finally over! The ADJA is pleased to announce yet another industry first! The acknowledgement of your individual acheivements will now be displayed in your ADJA member profile.. The ADJA is the first to create a system of continuing education credits or points. You will be able to get acknoledgement for your having Liability insurance, for attending workshops, Seminars & for belonging to other affiliated groups such as ABC, NACE or others. Taking acting, speech, drama & other creative coursework will now be reflected on your ADJA profile. Once again the ADJA leads the way in recognizing our outstanding members.

So that there is no misunderstanding, we would like to explain however, that the documentation presented must be in the name of the ADJA member & it will only be credited towards their membership. All membership records are individualized & as such track to a specific person. So as you gather up your docuements please remember the above. Items can be submited via fax to 866-310-4676. Please print your name, & Continuing Education credits on your Fax. You can also email to

Also members will get credit for belonging to their local chapter, as well as points for attending local chapter meetings.

Conferences such as Mobile Beat & others will also have a credit value. The ADJA national conference will also integrate a record system of which seminars you actually attended & points will be given out based upon that participation. No more sleeping in & telling everyone you were at a conference. Now you will have to show you attended the seminars.

This is going to be an exciting way for you to stand out & show the world that your committed to honing your craft.

What will happen is that once your materials have been submitted, verified & qualified, your profile will be modified to reflect those additional efforts. Then when somebody searches for a DJ in your area, the list will now show a star in your search result listing. A mouse over will reveal that you have additional qualifications & credentials. When they click to view your profile, it will now display a number of badges & point totals.

There will be acknowledgement of years of continous unbroken ADJA membership, validation that your using a professional pool service will earn you a verified legal music library, your total points are displayed & any approved memberships or badges reflective of completing additional training will be recognized.

This is a work in progress that will be improving & adapting as time goes on. We are pleased & excited to now let the very best & brightest be acknoledged for their efforts. Of course, our hope is that this will spur members to new excitement about continuing their education to hone their craft. Just like college, credits do not last for ever. Most will be viable for 2 years. This is so that our members stay actively engaged in bettering themselves & their business.

Currently there are points & badges for the following items.
1.) Number of years continuous membership. For this badge you cannot let you membership lapse more than 30 days.
2.) Legal Music Library: For this badge you have to present a valid contract from a promotional pool service such as Promo Only with an expiration date in the future.
3.) Liability Insurance. You need to present a copy of your insurance certificate for at least $1M dollars.
4.) Local Chapter Membership This will come from your membership records but you will need to notify the office to include the badge in your profile.
5.) Marbecca Workshops Love Story.
6.) Marbecca Workshops Master of Ceremonies
7.) CPS Certification for Computer Performance Systems.

Additionally other certificates for course work will be given credit points based upon the merits of item presented.
Attendance at various trade shows will also be credited. If you have something that you feel is worthy of credits, please submit it to ADJA for review.
The following association memberships badges can also be displayed by submission of a valid membership certificate from the organization. NACE, ABC, ISES, MPI, Toastmasters, WED. Additional memberships will be added as demand demonstrates a need to do so.

We are very pleased to bring you this exciting enhancement to your ADJA membership.
Please feel free to give us your feedback on where we can improve this system.

Best Regards,

DJ Dr. Drax
National President & Executive Director
American Disc Jockey Association
“If We Work Together, Imagine What we can do!”

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