Acting Like a Two-Year Old By: David Hanscom

December 30, 2012 by DamonDenton

146-078At MBLV16 I presented part one of my “Success” series called “Compounding Your Success.” It focused on the importance of spending more time on yourself that you do on your business. This year, part 2 of the series will be “The Enemies of Our Success.” This presentation will dive into some of the largest hang ups we all face that are holding us back from achieving true greatness, many of which we don’t even realize. It will also offer clues to help you begin to identify the enemies when they appear and action steps on how to attack them and turn your thoughts and actions around.

One of the most fun action steps is “Acting like a two-yearold.” Now I know, many will say “I already do!” but this may be a different outlook than you are thinking of. There are several characteristics that two-year-olds have that most of us have lost somewhere along the way.

The first is persistence. I can remember that when my youngest daughter was around that age she had already fallen in love with ice cream. It became a nightly event that she would always come to me about 30 or 45 minutes prior to dinner time and ask for an ice cream. I would explain to her that we would be having dinner soon and that I did not want her to ruin her appetite. Of course at that age she probably did not even comprehend what I was saying, to her the only mission was to get that ice cream. So it was, “Daddy, I really love ice cream,” “Daddy, my favorite ice cream is chocolate, what is yours?” and on and on. The next thing you know we are at the dinner table ready to eat and there she sits, ice cream cone in hand. Of course, I know the knee jerk reaction is it’s my fault for giving in, but the bigger message to get out of this story was her persistence. She knew what she wanted and didn’t give up until she got it. How persistent are YOU toward your goals, toward what you really want in life?

The next characteristic is “childlike faith,” you know Santa Claus is coming to town, the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny. As children, we all believed that a large man was going to visit every home in one night, slide down the chimney and leave presents for all the good boys and girls. Or what about the tooth fairy who is somehow going to fly into the room at night, money in pocket, somehow get to the tooth under your pillow, drop off the money and leave with the tooth. Again, we held on to belief this with everything we were. We had faith that these wonderful things were real and could happen. The one day someone came along and let us in on the “truth.”

For many it was actually a traumatic experience and diminished that childlike faith I refer to. Once again, the same thing happens to us as adults and business owners. We begin our businesses with the faith and trust in their success. We will be able to do what we love doing as a “skill” but turn it into a revenue stream. For some it takes off immediately, while for others the roadblocks appear almost immediately. Whether it’s that friend or family member who asks “How are you going to make a living doing that?” or not being able to put up the capital to really launch your business effectively. Whatever those road blocks are, they start to break down that childlike faith and cause you to second guess yourself. It is important to do your best to keep that childlike faith close to your core. Sure, reality will set in and challenges will arise, but without faith what do we really have?

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