About Your Hotel Room… for MBLV22 or even this past MBLV21

April 20, 2017 by Dan Walsh

At Mobile Beat, we try to provide you, our conference attendee, with as much information as possible when it comes to deciding where to spend your trade show dollars. While certain aspects of the show attract the most attention — keynote speakers, party entertainment, etc. — one other important element of your show experience is often overlooked: your hotel room.

If you aren’t already aware of how it works, here’s the nutshell version: In order to hold an event in a hotel’s conference space, an organization like Mobile Beat has to agree to fill a certain number of hotel rooms for the duration of the event. This is known as the “room block.” To help accomplish this, we are given a discounted room rate to offer to attendees. The closer we come to filling the block, the more affordable hosting the event becomes (in terms of the hotel’s fees for using the space, etc.).

This is important, because the more affordable it is for us to put on the show, the more we can offer attendees: more / better educational content and entertainment.  On the other side, the fewer people book within the convention room block, the more costs for everyone involved in the show. Mobile Beat Las Vegas is already the best DJ trade show / conference value for the pass price. Even if you can find real savings on your room rate elsewhere, you should at least consider how participating in the room block supports at the Tropicana supports MBLV.

Simply put, staying in the same place as the conference is simply more convenient. Being “where the action is,” avoiding local travel costs (taxi, etc.), and maximizing time spent networking with fellow attendees are all great reasons, in and of themselves, to stay on-site.

For those who find enough motivation in the above information to stay at the host hotel (in the case of MBLV, currently the Tropicana Las Vegas), there’s more to say about the importance of the room block.

In this era of internet bargain hunting, the trend is to circumvent the usual avenues of purchasing an item or booking travel (for example), with the expectation that you are guaranteed to be getting a “better deal.” However, when it comes to the room block, this common thinking doesn’t necessarily hold true.

The most important thing that gets missed is a typically Las Vegas item: the “resort fee.” More often than not, when you think you’re getting a better deal than we are offering as the conference host, you are actually paying a bigger resort fee on top of that attractive room rate.

Of course there are exceptions (comps for serious gamblers, special deals through employers, frequent flier programs, travel agency promotions, etc.). If you are getting a free room, that’s one thing. But the more typical scenario is a conference attendee trying to do better than the conference’s own room block pricing, only to end up paying more, rather than less!

Let’s look at some specific examples to get a better idea of what this all means — for those who choose not to stay at the host hotel, as well as those who think they have found a better deal outside the room block. (The examples don’t include tax, which is always added at the end.) So, let’s run some numbers…

Tropicana Las Vegas

$89 rate through Expedia costs you $29 resort fee = $118
– Costs you more than you can get through us and was done dozens of times last year by attendees.

$105 rate through MBLV costs you $10 resort fee = $115
– Was done over 1200 times for MBLV21 and helps the producers of the conference.

$79 rate through WhateverTravelDeal costs you $29 resort fee = $108
– But doesn’t help the conference to keep costs down, thus pass prices go up in following years

Other Nearby Hotels

MGM / NYNY / Excalibur
(same corner of the Strip as the Tropicana)
$65 + $30 resort fee average
+ Travel Time – lost networking time with other DJs.
$95.00 vs $115 Tropicana

Staying Even Further Away at Cheaper Hotels

$75 + $35.84/resort fee
Cab – $15 each way or Uber $10, $20/day
+ Travel Time – lost networking time with other Djs.
$130.84 vs $115 Tropicana

Circus Circus
$50 + $27/resort fee
Cab – $25 each way or Uber $20, $40/day
+ Travel Time – lost networking time with other Djs.
$117.00 vs $115 Tropicana

To sum up: Patronizing the host hotel helps MBLV continue to thrive and helps us improve the value of the show, which already consistently provides a BIG bang for the buck. Although you may save a few dollars by booking offsite, you are missing out on other aspects of the show, and not helping MB provide a better experience, year to year. Or, if you think you’re getting a deal by staying at the Tropicana but booking outside the room block, it’s highly likely that you’re not actually saving the money you think you are.

Everyone wants to save money and there’s nothing wrong with that. With the above information we simply want to help potential attendees of Mobile Beat Las Vegas understand that there’s more to the hotel room picture than you might see at first glance.

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