A Terrifying Halloween DJ Tale By: Geoff Short

October 31, 2012 by CHAUVET DJ

A cold wind howls, a full moon shines
and a clap of thunder cracks
try to ignore that chill down your spine
try to tell yourself to relax

As I share with you a most horrible tale
A gig you will scarcely believe
For the DJ himself can no longer regale
the fright killed him – his loss we bereave

At his last DJ’d reception
the bride was a terrible beast
that was his perception
when her bitching would only increase

She bitched about price; she bitched about songs
the floor plan – utter dismay
She jammed the poor DJ where no DJ belongs
with the dance floor miles away

A blood-curdling load-in; with too many stairs
A timeline beyond any bore
seventeen speeches, a slideshow of theirs
and the guests began to sprint for the door

But the biggest and most horrible gore
was still just minutes away
For there’s nothing more bloody than an empty dance floor
That’s blamed on the faultless DJ

Some say that became his demise
No dancers, no fun, no applause
But the truth of the matter when a DJ dies
It’s those damn lethal Bridezilla claws

Now the legend lives on of the empty dance floor
And the DJ that suffered the most
And they say if you visit the old dancehall once more
You’ll see just one dancing ghost

Happy Halloween


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