A Tale of Two Brands….Or Is It??? – Jon Taffer and Mitch Taylor

May 29, 2015 by Mitch Taylor

mitchtaylorjuneFrankly I don’t watch much TV at all. I’m a big believer in keeping your nose to the grindstone and don’t have time to see who got voted off the island, what the latest Kardashian is doing or who gave who a rose. My two TV mental escapes are WWE TV and Bar Rescue. Recently I heard the news that MBLV20 keynote would be none other than Spike TV’s Bar Rescue fixer Jon Taffer. Jon has a penchant for taking failing businesses and in 4 days transforming their mishaps and broken systems into success stories. Needless to say I was beyond a bit excited and pretty geeked to be able to meet the man who has had a hand in transforming so many businesses…except of course for those who decide to remain steadfast in their own silly fantasies of success (I’m looking at YOU Pyrates Tavern). Branding and putting systems in place are a BIG part of the success that Jon has.

The next day I was driving along Route 16 in Wisconsin back from a quick family trip to Wisconsin Dells when I became stopped at a stoplight. Literally before my eyes I saw the two brands you see before you. On the left was Corner Pocket Sports Bar & Grill. To the right was Norm’s Pit Stop Restaurant. Nowi if you were a hungry family passing through with your hard earned money…from the outside which brand would you trust more to tame your hunger and quench your thirst? What does the branding of each restaurant from the outside say about each other? I saw both and immediately thought cool pub with high bar tables with stools to sit at , get a nice brew and watch a ball game on a big screen TV from the exterior of the Corner Pocket while Norm’s Pit Stop to me is seen more as a local diner with (maybe) good food or maybe a cook who’s not so caring. Maybe it’s clean but probably not. Maybe I’ll get great service or I might just be ignored if my chili is only lukewarm. Oh wait…that last statement (and review) came from the Corner Pocket.

The point being you can’t judge a book by its cover. Some of the BEST businesses owned in America are Mom and Pop diners. Some businesses fail, some succeed but they all have certain hallmarks and ways of doing business. GREAT product, GREAT customer service and delivering a customer experience that is beyond compare to its competition. Oh yeah…each business has one more train in common too…an innate desire to deliver the best they can in all phases of business. Do YOU want to improve in all facets of your business? Do you want to learn from the BEST when it comes to putting systems in place and branding for your business? Want to learn from a master at creating a client experience? If you do then you need to make plans now to join me and be at #MBLV20 in Las Vegas Nevada, see Jon Taffer deliver his business building keynote on creating the client experience. I’ll see you there!

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