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November 8, 2011 by Ric Hansen

The National DO NOT PLAY list gets two new adds this week.  Rick Ross (currently front runner for rap’s nastiest) had his hands in this song by Meek Mill and the results were as expected:  Not good for schools.  Ima Boss is definitely one to avoid.  It is loaded with all the dirty words you can think of (and a couple you hadn’t thought of yet).   The other addition to this “not so prestigious list” is “Strange Clouds” ….these are not cirrus or cumulus, these are cannabis.  Add to that a catchy ode -to-drinking and you have the makings for another song that should not be played at schools.  Do you have any other nominees for songs that should not be played as schools? ….let me know.   If you do school dances and you are not a member DJ yet, join now for all the benefits.

Artist Title Notes

B.O.B w/ Lil Wayne Strange Clouds Strange Clouds has nothing to do with the forecast.  The strange clouds in this song are the ones formed by smoking pot…this is an anthem to getting wasted. 


Meek Mill Ima Boss Rick Ross…Known nasty rap guy is the featured artist.  Makes sense that this song is like most of the rest of the Gansta rap stuff he’s known for.  Laced with most nasty words you can think of.  Avoid this garbage at schools. 


Big Sean Dance (A$$) Even cleaned up with edits this one talks about grinding and butts.  Best to leave this one at home.
Taio Cruise Hangover Stand clear of this song.  It is all about drinking, getting drunk and the residuals of being drunk.
Foster the People Pumped up Kicks Search out the clean version with no guns, no bullets and no violence and this one is safe to play.  Otherwise better avoid it at schools.
Rick Ross I Love My Bi**hes Rick Ross almost never produces a decent school friendly song.  When you see a Rick Ross song…beware!
T-Pain 5 O‘clock Clearly describes a 5am sexual encounter.
Ace Hood Body 2 Body Leaves little to the imagination.  Title says it.
Chris Brown Wet the Bed
Loyd Dedicated to My EX The original version uses bitch, shit and pussy 46 times.  If you use the Prime Cuts version, it’s clean.  Not popular enough yet to worry about playing at schools.
Jay Z-Kanye West N****s in Paris Get Jay Z and Kanye together its bound to be over the top.  The title has the “N” word.  The first line:  “So I ball so hard muhf*ckas wanna fine meBut first ni**as gotta find me.   What’s 50 grand to a muhf*kaa like me”  NOT GOOD FOR SCHOOLS.
Rihanna Drink to This Third song in a row for Rihanna on this list.  One for sexual violence, one for just sex and this for glorifying drinking.   She’s 3 for 3.
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