A rant on conventions…

February 22, 2016 by Arnoldo Offermann

“I learned the most from the conversations in the hallways.”

Argh, this makes me angry! Look, I’m not saying you can’t get great nuggets of information from networking with your peers, but that’s all it is: NUGGETS! The meat is INSIDE the plate, folks. This is why you took time out from your busy schedule to go to a convention, right? Otherwise, you would’ve just stayed home and networked online. So why do people sit outside during the seminars? Here are a few (paraphrased) reasons that I’ve heard online:

1) Speaker was just doing a sale pitch
2) Seminars are not good
3) There isn’t anything I was interested in learning
4) I don’t like the seminar speaker

The first reason has a bit of merit, as that annoys me, too. But the honest truth is that most seminar speakers aren’t making much money (if any) from speaking. Thus they need to plug in their wares to make the trip profitable for them. This is the fine line between a good seminar and a horrible one. A seminar should teach you something, maybe even blow your mind… but if you want more info, then you should check out the speakers’ product. I try to push my Master School Dances series about 1 minute out of every 50. I know not everyone is that way, but it’s been a while since I’ve actually heard a speaker who who actually talked about his product mid-presentation.

So points one and two have a bit of merit, but 3 & 4 are hogwash! That’s pure arrogance or someone who thinks they know it all. There is plenty of time for networking, but attending seminars is KEY! #4 is beyond stupid; you have no idea if the topic will change he way you do business. If you let personal feelings get in the way of listening to someone that you know will improve your business, then you will never know if a game-changing ideas was presented. I’m not saying don’t network- as you can get some great ideas and make new friendships, but ultimately you see seminars with relevant content for your business and the only way to really learn what’s behind these doors is to actually show up!

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