A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Dollars…I mean Words By: Rob Johnson

November 12, 2013 by Aaron Burger

How can use of pictures be a profitable part of your business plan? There are lots of ways. Here are a few ideas for you to consider:mb152_048

1. Do not skimp on a good company logo.

This picture should say something about you as an entertainer and should be memorable. Logos are a benchmark of any fortune 500 company and without reading words, people can identify a company logo and know what company it belongs to….like Apple. Anyone with an Apple iPhone has image of apple on back. Everyone instantly knows it is an iPhone. If you have kids, you know the value of McDonalds golden arches. My kids could spot those from about 10 miles away.

2. Take a picture of the bride and groom and display it during first dance as back drop.

If you are not using projector and screen, take fun pic of bride and groom and use a printer to print them out and place one on each table prior to the first dance. You can carry a small inexpensive printer with photo paper and print them out. People will be shocked how you are able to pull this off 1 hour after the ceremony. It will be the talk of the event!

3. Make a slideshow on the fly.

After you are done setting up, as you observe people gathering at tables, in the back of the room, chatting outside, tell them to make a funny face and using nothing other than the camera on your phone take a picture of people at their best. Copy the pictures to a folder on your computer and use the ‘View As Slide Show’ to project it on the big screen. People will think you are the best and it only took a few minutes to do and a great way to get referrals and repeat bookings. If you didn’t upsell this service it may cut into your bottom line a little bit but the results will speak for themselves.

4. Use pictures to provide clues for a game show-type event to win a prize

Something like ‘Find this item somewhere in this room to win a prize (or get bumped up to next karaoke singer, or get priority song requests or release the table first).’ Turn displaying a picture into a scavenger hunt. Entertain. Provide more service than you guaranteed. Make it about your client.

5. Take advantage of the latest game show technology.

QandAtime, (DigiGames hottest new game show system that works on cell phones, Ipads, computers or any device that can connect to the internet) now supports pictures. Use pictures in a trivia format ‘What kind of flower is this?’ Players tap on the screen to buzz in to guess. ‘What year did this band release its debut album?’ ‘In what country will you find this mountain?’ ‘This person is President of what country?’ ‘Which co-worker of yours looked like this as a child?’ Beer/beverage logos, cereal mascots, currency symbols…. and whatever else you envision to increase article word count. You can even SELL the advertising you provide to some of these companies. Don’t you think your local Budweiser distributer would love to see their name in lights at your events.

Kids pictures! At a corporate event you could pull off pictures of people in your audience. Your client and faculty for corporate events likely have Facebook profiles. Each profile generally has many pictures…..pictures of themselves when they were younger, pictures of their children and other family members, pictures of places where they went. These could be very easy to download and put into QandAtime. All the pictures used will display on everyone’s phones! This could add a ton of personalization to the event! Be careful about copyright, offending anyone or coming off as a stalker. Get permission from the participants and KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!

6. Show, don’t tell.

When running advertisements (newspaper, website etc.), a few well-chosen pictures of you as an interactive entertainer with a packed dance floor full of people having fun says much more than stating a lot of details and potentially over- inflating yourself. I see lots of sites where it is strictly text. People need to see what they are getting. Again, a good picture is worth a thousand dollars…I mean words. Actually…I do mean DOLLARS! MIDWEEK MONEY!

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