A New Year, a New Way to Think About Events

June 16, 2019 by Dagan White

It is so easy to get stuck in a rut, to keep doing things the way we have always done them—even if things are complicated, inefficient, or ineffective. Sometimes it seems easier to continue doing them the same way just because we are afraid of change, of something new. But what if you could make your business better, bigger; have more staff, a bigger office, more equipment; generate more
business and more profit? But more than that, what if you could change the way you ran your whole business—from beginning to end, from sales to invoice to the event? What if you could do things more efficiently and more effectively, spending less time in the office doing paperwork and more time getting back to doing what you love: being an amazing DJ. My company, Releventful, has set out on a passionate pursuit to reinvent the way mobile DJs do business.

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