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March 1, 2017 by Barry and Jordan Dot Com

A moment with the Sparkle Factor…Intro to “Mitzvahs” Part 2
In today’s blog we are going to talk about finding the balance between interacting with the kids and the adults. What does that mean?

Unlike a wedding or corporate event, the main difference is the 60 plus kids that you have to entertain. Sometimes there could be as many as 100 plus kids at a Mitzvah party or more. There are certain parts of a mitzvah celebration that is perfect for playing with the kids and then incorporating the adults to take the event to the next level.

Step 1:Kicking off the party before dinner offers a wonderful opportunity to have everyone involved while creating a super high energy grand entrance. The fun part is the set up, getting all of the guests on the dance floor in a circle before you even introduce the bar mitzvah boy or bat mitzvah girl into the mix and prepare for the traditional Hora.

Step 2: As the evening goes forward and dinner service is done (kids will always eat earlier than the adults) you have an opportunity to entertain the kids while adults are enjoying the meal. Playing interactive games is a sure fire way to continue the entertainment experience for kids and adults. We will talk about the “games” in future blogs but keeping the kids engaged is a priority. Once the games are over and the adults are done eating then the party can fully kick off.

Step 3: Music is truly universal and the best way you can engage both the young and young at heart. It is important to discuss music selection with the family and ask what they envision for their simcha. This level of customization is what makes each event unique, special and custom tailored just to them. Asking the family how they would foresee the music and involvement balanced between the kids and the adults is extremely important.

When we know what we are dealing with we can best plan out the evening. If the kids are to be a priority that just means more focus on kids music, games and high energy activities. If the adults are to have an equal amount of focus, your music selection and activities may change more along the lines of spot dances and some music through the decades. Having as much knowledge before the party will ensure that you can do the best job possible and find that balance between kids and adults so everyone leaves having the time of their lives.

Step 4: Another great way to connect the adults and kids is through interactive dances whether using easy to follow along dances like the Cha Cha Slide, The Wobble, the Cupid Shuffle or Blame it on the Boogie or customized, choreographed dance moves to some of todays hottest and newest songs. Either way, your guests will feel engaged and involved in the moment, that helps make the party memorable and fun by involving everyone to follow along !

Other ideas that help with balancing the adults and kids include high energy motivators, dancers, prizes, dance contests and more to be discussed in future blogs.

This is just a sample of the possibilities, if you have any questions, we are always here to help at www.thesparklefactor.ca

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