A Look at Best-Selling DJ/Author Stacy Zemon’s Must-Read New Book

March 17, 2010 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer
Stacy Zemon
A Look at Best-Selling DJ/Author Stacy Zemon’s
Must-Read New Book

Can success be taught?  Ask the 40,000 or so DJs worldwide who’ve benefited from the wit and wisdom of DJ/Author Stacy Zemon’s widely acclaimed series of disc jockey books and you’ll likely get a resounding “Yes!”  Her books have become mainstays of the mobile industry because Stacy knows her stuff.

For over a decade, she has penned articles for DJ Times magazine and been a reporter for DJ News Network. Stacy is also an endorsed artist for American DJ Lighting, Cortex Digital Music Controllers, and Promo Only Music and Video.  Her roots began in radio where Stacy’s been an Announcer, Music Director and Program Director.  Stacy’s passion for professional excellence prompted her to pioneer a ground-breaking business model between her multi-system entertainment operation and a major radio broadcasting company.  The business was the dominant force in New England.  Today, Stacy works solely as an MC for high-end private and corporate events.

She routinely shares her wealth of knowledge as a speaker at industry conferences such as the Mobile Beat DJ Show and the International DJ Expo, where she is also a frequent judge at annual “DJ of the Year” competitions.

Most recently, Zemon has chosen to share her insights with a new book, The Mobile DJ MBA…Simply put, this book is a must-read for disc jockeys who are serious about running a profitable enterprise. Brimming with vital business, sales and marketing savvy garnered from Stacy’s years of experience, The Mobile DJ MBA provides both newcomers and seasoned pros alike with the know-how needed to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

This vital reference manual features tips from 60 of the brightest minds in our industry including: DJ Soulman,  Scott “The Game Master” Faver, Jason Jani, Marcello Pedalino, Sid Vanderpool, Lisa Kasberg Mike Walter, Professor Jam, Rick “DJ Flip” Sajorta and Albert Lineses III (ALIII).


• Overcoming business obstacles
• Developing sales skills to convert prospects into clients
• Creating a network of partnerships that will grow your business
• Booking more events with surefire sales closing methods
• Gaining tons of exposure with free publicity
• Implementing the top guerrilla marketing tactics
• Gaining a competitive edge over your competition
• Expanding into a multi-system/person operation
• Producing a dazzling audio-visual sales presentation
• Expanding your roster of products and services
• Attracting and retaining loyal DJ staff members
• And much more….

The Mobile DJ MBA is a book about business that’s not all business.  Part of Stacy’s allure as an author is that she provides an easy and entertaining read.  We’re putting The Mobile DJ MBA on our recommended reading list – and so should you.

For more about Stacy Zemon, The Mobile DJ MBA and her other best sellers, The Mobile DJ Handbook and The DJ Sales & Marketing Handbook visit ProMobileDJ.com!

ProMobileDJ.com is Stacy’s Business, Sales & Marketing blog that features tools, techniques and strategies for management, innovation and growth.  Stacy encourages DJs to visit the blog frequently for updates and to comment on posts.

Could you mobile entertainment company benefit from a business tune-up?  Does the copy on your website and in your marketing materials accurately reflect the image you want to portray to your target market(s)?  If not, Stacy can help with business consulting and copywriting services.  For more information visit StacyZemon.com.

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