A Healthy Lifestyle and it’s Effect on Performance

May 5, 2016 by PJ Windle

I’ve always been the type of entertainer to give it everything I’ve got when it comes to music selection, beat mixing, talking on the mic and being “present” in the moment. It’s those attributes that I feel give me a little something extra when I am discussing the possibility of entertaining at a soon to be Bride and Groom’s wedding. Recently, I decided to dedicate myself completely to getting healthier, more fit and motivated in my every day life. Everyone will tell you the benefits of nutrition, motivation and positive effects on your overall health, but I am here to remind you of the added benefit you will see in your performance and your business growth.

I have been entertaining and DJing weddings for 18 years. I’ve done the job as a young 16-17 year old kid with tons of energy, stamina for days and a strong yearning to educate myself in the ways to be successful in the industry. I’ve also performed while I was completely overweight, lacked motivation and drive and where it felt like the performance was more of a “job” than a “passion”. It was never more evident that something had to change, then when I threw out my back before a packed wedding weekend. In excruciating pain, I worked hard to conceal the injury and get through the events. The weddings were a success that weekend but my morale was completely defeated. I decided to make my health and wellness a priority in my life and through a change in my mentality and my focus, I’ve been able to redirect my intensity and passion for the wedding industry into my fitness and weight loss goals. To read more… click here!

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PJ Windle is the Owner of Essential Sounds Entertainment, a full service multi-op DJ/Entertainment company out of Belmar, NJ. He is an 18 year veteran in the wedding entertainment industry with over 1,500 events performed. With a strong emphasis on personalized and custom design for wedding event planning, PJ produces top quality results at every event performed by catering to the clients individual interests and personality. PJ has recently become a strong advocate of a healthy lifestyle and has lost over 90lbs by focusing on major lifestyle changes to help him become a better entertainer, a more well rounded individual and a strong source of motivation for others.

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