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October 25, 2011 by Michael Buonaccorso


An exciting lineup of seminars is planned for the 2012 Mobile Beat DJ Show and Conference (MBLV16) coming to the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas for the fifth year in a row in February.

On Monday, February 6, the “Unofficial Day-Before-The-Show” seminars present SIX exciting sessions. What started as a few extra options for those arriving early has turned into a packed day of information kicking off at Noon.

Among the day’s presentations is Ron Ruth with an all-new Part 2 of “Disney’s 3 Keys to Success,” where we’ll take another peek behind the Disney curtain and explore…Clientology, Storytelling and Pixie Dust. These 3 processes not only support the essential service elements, but are key to your ability to deliver unexpected magic, enjoy unprecedented levels of client satisfaction and to solidifying YOUR reputation as the standard bearer of excellence in the wedding DJ industry.


David Hascom’sCompound Your Success,” will look at all the keys to true success as applicable to all industries or individuals and help you learn what those things are and how to Compound Your Success.


The Boogie Hill Faders are known for their unique and club focused brand of music production works. They’ve combined the best studio practices in studio remixing and creating live mashups to create a new hybrid production style, they call, “The Reup”, a fusion of popular remixing production and creative mashup techniques. Don’t miss their “Tips & Tricks to produce your own DJ remixes & mashups

Tom Haibeck

has a new book and seminar to go with it: “The Power of Publicity!”Have you ever wondered how business people get themselves profiled in newspapers, magazines and on radio and television programs? It’s a great way to generate free advertising about yourself as a mobile entertainer — and PR expert Tom will show you how to make it happen.

If you are seen as “just another DJ,” you will have trouble making yourself seem attractive to many potential customers. You may be amazing at what you do, but that only helps if you can get enough customers to showcase your skill and efficiency. Decide what makes you different from everyone else and use that to create your marketing concept. Alan Dodson has tips to do that in Taking Your DJ Business To The Top.



In Rob Peters’ Kid’s Entertainment For DJs – Revisited, take a close look at children’s entertainment as a profitable venture for DJs. In some cases, it does not require any additional investment beyond the equipment you already own. A little creativity, a good planned out performance, and some basic marketing can open the door to additional bookings and revenue.


On Tuesday, February 7, DJ Advocate Mark Ferrell returns to the Mobile Beat seminar lineup after his 2011 national tour with a presentation entitled “Shout of Mouth.” In this pull-no-punches seminar, Mark Ferrell examines what it truly takes to be considered a professional mobile DJ and what it takes to charge well above the average rate in any market: Excellent Master of Ceremonies skills.



Mark joins two already announced featured speakers who will appear at MBLV16, Steve Brazell, a/k/a “The Hitman” is one of America’s top marketing and branding experts. He helps Fortune 500s, start-ups, small-caps, celebrities, and individuals make more money by communicating their brand stories better. He is the founder of Hitman, Inc., a Competition Removal™ firm, and the author of “Clear! The Simple Guide to Keeping Your Business Alive and Kicking.”


Moses Avalon, a former New York record producer and recording engineer who appeared at the 2002 Mobile Beat Show, is an artist’s rights activist and the author of a top selling music industry reference, Million Dollar Mistakes. Mr. Avalon is a court-recognized music business expert in New York, California, and Florida. He takes on the most controversial issues in the music business today, and has appeared on Court TV, MSNBC, CNN Money Line, Bill O’Reilly and other national TV shows.



Day three, Wednesday, February 8, continues delivery of a full house of talent. Early risers can catch “THE MOCK MITZVAH”!!!! Sean Big Daddy McKee, Bobby Morganstein and Marz Lawhorn will be presenting a Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party. These three industry Veterans and a few surprise guest stars will perform a mitzvah party from start to finish, showing cocktail hour options, and all of the traditional ceremonial steps that take place on that day. Be prepared to move, dance and LEARN!!!

Are you the life of the party on Saturday night, and still up bright and early on Sunday to get to church? Do you have to make a conscientious effort not to use your “DJ voice” when praying? Are you thankful the “requests” in the Bible have nothing to do with what song God wants you to play next? Justin Windham is a DJ, Speaker, Stand Up Comedian, and Licensed Pastor (Yes, he gets the occasional request to both officiate the wedding AND emcee the reception!). Armed with hilarious observational insights and motivating scriptural truths, –it’ll be more fun than DJ-ing a church bake sale at a senior center! “



Matt Blank has maintained a 95% closing rate on all his client meetings. He will explain his pre, during, and post meeting tactics that allow him to book virtually all of his meetings, in a seminar simply called “The Meeting”. Overall this seminar will help you confidently lead a conversation, and allow you to close more of your prospective client meetings.



Jim Cerone’sPerfect Music Programming-Cocktails, Dinner & Dancing ,” will be presented in two parts, based on Jim’s programming skills from 20 years as a radio Music Director. After this presentation, you’ll understand why cocktail and dinner music are so important. You’ll discover the radio “Rule of Three.” When it’s over, you’ll know the Top 10 Secrets to creating Perfect Music Programming.



Mike Walter presents “Running Your Multi-Op :Advice on Recruiting, Training, Marketing and Sales & Managing” Mike is back with his most complete seminar to date. All new material with tips and advice for the Multi-Op of any size and experience. As always, Mike will offer a fast-paced, information-packed seminar that will cover recruitment tips and selling and marketing advice.



On Thursday February 9, seminars run until Noon. Arnoldo Offerman will speak on how to “Market and Sell School Dances”, using an out-of-the box method that will get you more meetings and more school clients guaranteed. Topics will include phone sales, print marketing plans, what equipment to purchase, how to sell to students and teachers at the same time, and how to get extra events from the students themselves.


Between Chuck Lehnhard, Keith Alan and Ron Ruth and Mike Buonaccorso, their combined time in the mobile DJ industry is over a century. DJing From 50 & Beyond will cover what will get you to the half century mark, and keep you there.

Last year, Steve Clayton gave an overview of how and why he moved his one op DJ company to a multi-op and then to a production company. After multiple requests, he returns this year and digs in deep and uncovers “5 Steps to Becoming a Production Company” and getting those big jobs. Steve will also cover topics such as: marketing, inventory, resources and insurance and how they are different and important in creating a different image and promoting to a different clientele.


Jason Weldon wants to help you with your marketing efforts. “The Marketing Plan” will show you how to create and implement a basic marketing plan to acquire and/or retain more business, focusing on a few key concepts. Together, we will analyze a typical marketing plan and show how to adapt it to change through the years. He will be brief, but very informative and give suggestions from his own business model.

The ability to be a good host is a crucial part of being a credible mobile entertainer. Josh Yawn’sBranding Yourself As A Host” brings a national television host perspective on mic skills, branding, improvisation, keeping any event moving, interviewing skills and more.

In addition, several sponsored seminars currently scheduled include TriceraSoft, Pioneer, Chauvet, and American DJ. Watch this page for continuing updates!

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